Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #94: Emma's Collection: The Monkees Wacky Wobblers, Figures Toy Co Monkee Man, and the Monkeemobile

 Emma has always loved music. She has a huge record collection...

This is only part of her record collection.
Cd collection...
This is just a few of her CDs.

 ...and lots of musical items around her apartment,including instruments.(Emma played violin for years and has taught herself some piano/keyboard.)

I gave her these miniature instruments in frames.
She even has her own radio show,(Go HERE  to stream it live on Thursday evenings.),runs a music blog,(You can go to it HERE.),and writes for an online music magazine called Rebeat. (You can read Rebeat HERE.) 
  One big part of Emma's collection of collections is The Monkees. For those of you too young to remember them, The Monkees were a 60's band, originally four individuals recruited by producers to star in a TV series. It was during the height of Beatlemania, and the series was meant to be a comical,musical romp in the vein of The Beatles very successful movie,"A Hard Day's Night". Two of the members,Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones, were actors,(Although both had also performed as singers: Dolenz with a band,and Jones in the play "Oliver",as the Artful Dodger,and as a solo recording artist.),and two,Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork, were musicians. During the course of the series, the actors became musicians as well, and the musicians did pretty well as actors too. The band even wrote many of the songs they performed. The TV series won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series it's first year. The band had quite a few hits,and many of their songs are still being used in movies and tv. (For instance,"I'm a Believer" was used in "Shrek".)
  I originally tried to show Emma the TV series when she was pretty small. I had watched the show when it was originally shown,when I was about 4-5 years old. That's about the age she was when I showed it to her, and she had no interest at all. I tried again a couple of years later,(or more.I should ask Emma.),and she loved it. She has loved the Monkees ever since.
  When she was a kid we got her this set of Monkees bobble heads:

They're Wacky Wobblers by Funko.

She actually has a couple of the blue shirt versions too.
The Monkeemobile was a 'gift' from us too, although she already had one.(Don't ask.)

It's by Ertl. She also has a model of the Monkeemobile, which was a gift from some friends.
It's by MPC.

For Christmas, Fuzzy's girlfriend, Shanna, and I got her these two Monkee Men figures by Figures Toy Co.

Figures Toy Co is the same company that made the Batman Bookworm figure I got for my birthday. (You can see him HERE.) Like the Bookworm, they are 8" tall.

I have to say the Mike is a better likeness than the Davy.
"I don't know about that. I think they made you way too muscley." "Oh yeah? Well they made you too tall!"
The back of the package. These figures were released in 2015.
There were three series of Monkees figures by Figures Toy Co.(I think the Micky is the best likeness.)

The Monkee Men series...
...the red shirt series...
...and the tuxedo series.

 But the Monkee Men were her first choice.

As I said in my Bookworm post,these figures use a body like the old Mego figures. They are jointed at the neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists,torso, waist,hips, ankles,and knees.
  She also has a couple of vintage Remco Monkees finger dings dolls. I think they are amongst the things that are still here at home.
She has a vintage Monkees thermos.(It's there on the right,behind a box of some sort.) Her prize possession though, is this Monkees lunchbox. (On the left.)

It isn't an original vintage one or anything. She was a kid when we found it at a Sam Goody. It came with a small puzzle in it. But it's very special.

It's signed by all 4 Monkees. For Emma's 20th birthday we bought her a meet and greet ticket to a Monkees concert. She got to meet all three Monkees who were doing the concert,Micky,Davy, and Peter.
Emma and Davy Jones.Davy is not wearing a nurse/soda jerk hat. That's the doorway behind him.

Emma and Micky Dolenz. I don't know who took the picture for her. Bit wobbly.

Peter was really tired, and the Meet and Greet was set up by the venue without telling them. So, although he was nice and friendly and happily signed her lunchbox,he left without posing for pictures with anybody. He had recently had throat cancer, so cut him some slack.
  A couple of years later Emma bought herself a Meet and Greet ticket to see Mike Nesmith. When Mike signed her lunchbox he said,"You're about to complete the four. Are you excited?" She was very excited.  Unfortunately her camera wouldn't work. She was embarrassed, and prepared to give up, but Mike insisted one of his people take their picture and email it to her later.
Emma and Mike Nesmith.

Since then Emma has attended lots of Monkees concerts, Mike Nesmith concerts, and interviewed Micky Dolenz,(and several other artists),for her music blog. (You can read her Mickey interview HERE.)
  Well, that's it for  Emma's apartment. Tomorrow we're looking at one of my dolls.

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