Sunday, April 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #107 :Novi Stars Mae Tallick

  Today's doll is this Novi Stars doll named Mae Tallick.

She's 7" tall.


 The idea behind the Novi Stars was that they were alien girls who had come to Earth and wanted to act like humans.

The Novi Stars doll were introduced in 2012.

They were produced throughout 2013.

A final line was released in Europe only, in 2014.

All but 4 of the Novi Stars had rooted hair. Mae is one of the 4 who have a wig.

Her antennae are attached to her wig.

 Her head has a heart shaped bump on each side that helps hold her wig on.

She has a plastic helmet  that comes in two so it can be removed or placed on her head.

Her helmet has holes that fit around her ponytails.

The helmet comes in two so it can be removed or placed on her head. The holes are almost too small to put the helmet on and off without snagging up her hair.

She can also look ok wigless.

 But her helmet doesn't fit very well without her wig.

Mae talks. The button is her 'ear'.

She says several phrases.*******

The battery door and the speaker are in the back of her head.

Her body is made to look like it's made of metal,with rivets.

I think Mae is the only Novi Stars doll to have a molded shirt, rather than a cloth one.

Her arms and legs have the 'rivets' too.

She has molded skates that are part of her feet, instead of removable shoes like most Novi Stars.

Her left leg can swing outwards. but the right one doesn't have as much movement.

She can sit down.

Her arms are on swivel joints,which makes them fairly posable.

They are on super tiny pegs though, which don't fit very deeply into her body. So while I was posing her, this happened...

It popped back in, but afterward it didn't want to stay in nearly as well. Now I know why I have found several Novi Stars with their arms missing.

Her head tilts from side to side...

...and up just a little...

...and much better downward.

She has 'real' eyelashes with short and long hairs.

Novi Stars were made by MGA, who also brought us Bratz and Moxie Girlz.

Ivy liked the look of the Novi Stars,but she was 'too old' to worry about getting one. I wanted one though.

The Novi Stars had some really neat features.The handle of the box could be used as a headband,(for humans,not the doll.), and their stands glow in the dark.

She originally came with a glow in the dark stand and a pet,but I got mine from a thrift store and she was missing her pet. I think her stand is around here somewhere though.

Check back tomorrow for the next doll.


  1. The skirt and bow are cute; too bad there isn't actually a lot of fabric there. The skirt is also an interesting fabric choice, considering it doesn't match anything on her person.

    1. Yes. Gingham is kind of a strange old fashioned choice for a futuristic metal alien.


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