Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #116: Penny Wooden Jointed Doll

  Today's doll is this wooden lady.

She measures 7 1/4" tall.

She seems to be the Penny Wooden doll sold as a nude doll or in kit form by Historical Folk Toys. The kit contains the pre-made and painted nude doll, a pattern,and all the fabric,lace, and snaps for the dress and pantaloons.

Penny dolls got their name because they were originally sold for a penny in the 1800's.
She's jointed with elastic.
She has plain round hands, but carved and painted shoes with heels.

So she is posable. She can't hold all poses or stand on her own, but she can sit. She was a little dangly,but I tightened her stringing and she can hold her arms up now.

At first she was frightened by the rabbit...

But she eventually warmed to him...
...and they became the best of friends.

She has a very simply drawn face and hair.

She kind of reminds me of Miss Hickory.

You can read my post about the book "Miss Hickory",and see my childhood homemade Miss Hickory doll  HERE.

My lady loved the bunny,but like squirrels,bunnies might chew on her.
 Sorry about the quality of the pictures. We were facing the possibility of no internet for a couple of days or more, so I ran out to do some very quick pictures, and this is how they turned out.

 Check back tomorrow to see if I managed to post a doll!

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