Monday, April 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #93:Emma's Collection Part 5, Neca Weird Al,Funko Mr Bean, and Some Random Dolls

  Emma has concentrations of certain franchises,but she also has some random things.

These ladies were an accidental collection.She got a couple and I had one that matched. Then when she went to England last fall her aunt bought her on in an antique store.
She bought this Weird Al figure at one of his concerts.

It's by Neca,which make some amazingly realistic figures.

He comes with an extra head, an extra hand, and a microphone.

I'm wondering if that accordion is removable.
  She has several Mr. Bean itmes,including Mr. Bean's somewhat cat hair covered teddy bear...

Emma asked that I explain he's so hairy because I dug him out of the window sill where her cat Cowboy had been laying on him.
There's also this Funko Mr. Bean Wacky Wobbler bobblehead.

I'm afraid he's my fault too. I got a really good deal on the movie Mr. Bean's Holiday with a free bobble head.

I bought it, figuring one of my kids would want it. Emma was the one who wanted it.
Then there's this Mr. Bean Bendy figure.

I bought one myself in England a couple of years ago. He's hanging out with The Lorax, from Emma's favourite Dr. Suess story, and Sackboy from the Little Big Planet games.
The other day you saw Emma's Funko Regular Show Benson. Well, she loves The Regular Show. She also has these Regular Show plush dolls...
Plush Benson,Mordecai,and Pops, with Funko Benson.
And she has a reverseable Regular Show hat,remember?

She has some random Stacie and Barbie dolls. 
She has collected Stacie dolls since she was a kid. She had to have at least one of the new Stacies.Or maybe two.

 The bunny is from her childhood, and that's Ray, from Ghostbusters.

The Staypuft marshmallow man makes two appearances.
  And lastly for this post,Emma manages a Dominoes. She has a small PVC figure of the old Dominoes mascot, The Noid, in her truck. I gave her a plush Noid. And she has this guy on her front door...

Tomorrow is the last post on Emma's collection, and we'll see some action figures,and Emma's prize possession.

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