Friday, April 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #97:Corolle Baby

  Today's doll,like yesterday's,is a baby.

He's a Corolle doll.

He was made in 1992,in France.

He has vinyl arms, legs, and head,but his body is nylon. And according to this, he's 16.8 inches long.

Yesterday we saw 'Karen'. This guy I usually think of him as 'Karen's friend'.

He has really tiny eyes. He was naked when I got him, so he's wearing a homemade shirt. (Not made by me. I love this fabric.)

I also think of him as a boy, but who knows what he was intended to be.

I call him Ceddy, after seeing somebody else's baby doll who was named Ceddy. It seems to work for him.

He has a sort of strange translucent quality to his 'skin'.

He has sleep eyes.
It makes him look a little sweaty...or maybe like one of those people on X-Files that got that thing that made their skin see-through...

But I like him. He still looks sweet to me.

Cute baldy baby ears!
His arms aren't curved at all,and the vinyl part goes all the way to his shoulders,so he can't be posed with his hands near his mouth,in a cute baby pose.

However, his legs are curved. They are also in sockets that allow them to be posed, and they hold that pose.

He has very detailed and realistic feet.

Please ignore the sandals.(And the fact that they aren't buckled.) I don't like males in sandals,but he's the only doll I have that these fit.
  Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday. I'll be posting when I get back from going to the flea market with my friend Lori. I hope I find something good!

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