Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #119,Shrunken Saturday:Crazy Little Red Haired Girl

  Well I have a very good reason for being a day late with Shrunken Saturday,(And yes, there will be another new post today to catch me up.). Thursday my friend Lori called to see if I wanted to ride along with her to Kentucky to pick up her new horse. I said sure, and agreed to stay at her house Friday night so we could get a good early start. So I photographed three dolls Thursday evening to get ahead for the time I would be unavailable. I had the posts already written and figured I could just pop the pictures on when we got back Saturday about 7 or so.'The best laid plans of mice and men',and Tam, to paraphrase the quote. It was pouring rain and super dark and foggy, so we had to drive slowly until that cleared about mid day. Also, we took a wrong turn, and then had to avert a detour. We didn't even get to the horse place until 3:30. By that time it was 88 degrees in Kentucky! We had started out the day prepared to be chilly, and to be fair, it was freezing at home when we got back to Ohio. But we were melting in Kentucky. However, we did reach our destination without any major snags, and Lori loves her new baby.


  Of course, since it took us longer to get there and back, (since it was farther than we thought), it was much later when we got back. It was already late, and once we reached Lori's house she had to unload the new horse, feed all the horses,(while her dad and I fed the dogs that had gone with us on the trip),unhook the horse trailer,and drop her vehicle back off to get the air conditioning repaired,and take me home. Once I got home I had stuff to clear up,a bath to take, and I wanted to spend some time with Ivy,since I hadn't seen her since Thursday night, because she was at school when I left on Friday. We tried to watch a movie, but we both fell asleep! When I woke up I tried to put the pictures on the Shrunken Saturday post, but then my laptop battery died and I said, 'forget it!', and went to sleep!
  One thing that came from going all the way to Kentucky: I found these.

Look Bogi! I had looked all over trying to find an Ohio magnet for a trade I did recently with a reader from Hungary. No luck. But I go to Kentucky, and I manage to find Ohio magnets! Ridiculous! Guess what you're getting in your Christmas card Bogi!

  Now.Shrunken Saturday's doll is this little kid.

She has a crazy look about her,but I like her.

She's 4" tall.

She's bendy.

"And it was thiiiis big."

"I didn't do anything..."

This has to be her original outfit.

Cotton shirt and felt skirt with a felt flower.


They're not removeable.
Molded underwear.

Her shoes are a separate piece from her legs, but aren't removeable.
 She has some crazy red hair, which is a glued on wig.

She kind of reminds me of Harpo Marx.

I don't remember where I got her. Probably a doll auction.

She's marked West Germany.

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