Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 95:Bratz Boyz Braden

  Today's doll is one I can't make up my mind about. You know I have said I never liked Bratz dolls,except for the occasional genie and the Bratzillaz? Well I was never very fond of the Bratz Boyz either. I didn't like their  stuck up looking faces or their stick up looking hair. This guy is Bratz Boyz Braden though,and he has kind of an interesting look.

But is it creepy?
He must have been kissing too hard. Took the lips right off him.

He kind of has a face like part of his features have been washed off or faded out. Like young Matt LeBlanc.

These are his original clothes...I think.

I know the shirt is...

...and I think the pants are.
He's not trying to look hot, The Velcro on that shirt is really crappy.
The shoes are definitely not. He should have black motorcycle boots.
 He has a very different look from other Bratz Boyz.

And he's way taller than most Bratz Boyz too.

He had a nice sunny day for his photo shoot today.

Those are some heavy duty eyebrows.
The day was sunny, but slightly chilly because of the wind. It was 50 degrees though. Friday we are due for SNOW! I just hope it doesn't affect my plants.
The poor daffodils are still trying to bloom.

The lilacs are budding.
And so is the pear tree.
Jerome,our bunny, will be glad his clover patch is coming back in our garden spot again this year.
The peony bush is this tall now.
The leeks have started again.

The hostas I got from my neighbour are making their way back.
The wild violets are already blooming.

The purple ground cover thingy is blooming too.

And so are these little white flowers you usually see in the woods, that grow in the shade of my neighbour, The Selfish Giant's fence.
I just hope that at least the pear blossoms and the lilac buds survive the snow and the cold!
Tomorrow we'll look at another doll.


  1. Dang, Matt Le Blanc was hot when he was young! I think Braden looks pretty cute except for that whole Kardashian lips thing he has going on, but that's a Bratz characteristic. Does he have the same thing the female Bratz dolls do, where he doesn't actually have feet?

    The daffodils in my neighborhood are blooming pretty well. Odd, because I think it is generally cooler up here in the spring, as close to Lake Erie as I live. We are supposed to get snow up here tomorrow as well. I think it must be my fault because I put our snow shovel and ice-melting salt away in the garage the other day.

  2. Yes, the guys don't have feet either.
    Did I say snow on Friday? It snowed tonight! It wasn't even flakes, just gigantic globs. It didn't stick though. It just melted when it hit the ground. Our heat has come back on. You should be colder up there next to the lakes,but who knows? It has been warm, then cold, warm, then cold. Nothing knows what to do any more.


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