Sunday, April 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 99: Flea Market Goodies and Flavas P.Bo

  So yesterday my friend Lori and I went to the flea market. It was a good day. Mostly... We stopped and had lunch on the way. I broke my diet for the day and had CHEESE and a really good apple drink. (I love apple drinks. My favourite pop used to be Apple Slice. They stopped making it when it kept fermenting in the cans.This stuff wasn't quite as fizzy,but was alot more like fresh apples.) When we got to the flea market we found that it was the one with no entry fee and only one $5 parking fee instead. (Yay!) I found some good stuff,although nothing phenomenal. We had a lot of fun and laughed alot,as usual. When we started home afterward the light came on that there was a tire with low air pressure. Lori and I started looking out for a gas station where we could get air,but we had quite a while on the highway before we came to civilization. Finally we spotted a gas station in the distance. The tire was feeling very low,and causing the vehicle to pull to one side. Lori slowed down, a little worried. Then it started sounding weird. She slowed down some more. Then there was the explosive sound of the tire blowing apart. It was totally shredded. We 'limped' to the gas station. The tire looked like this:

Lori began looking for a place to get a tire changed,but it was Saturday,after 4:30, and every place in the area seemed to be closed. I went off to search for somebody who might  know a place that was open. Luckily the first person I found didn't know the area either, but offered to help,in spite of the fact that he works away from home 6 days a week,and still had a three hour drive to get home for his one day.  (We found all this out in conversation with him while he was fixing the tire.)
  Even though Lori and I both know how to change a tire in theory,neither of us had never done it. As it turns out, we couldn't have done it anyway. The wheel had corroded and the guy had a really hard time getting the old one off to put the new one on. He had a can of penetrating oil in his truck and had to spry loads of it on the wheel. He kicked it and kicked it, and finally had to resort to a sledge hammer, which he also luckily happened  to have. In the end he wouldn't even take anything for helping us. What a nice guy.
  Well, after that adventure story, here's the haul from the flea market:
I got this 1/6 scale kettle and cooking pot for $1 each...
The lids do come off.

I could have also bought a tankard and a coffee pot, but they  didn't have bottoms,and I like realism.

...I got all 3 of these for $1: two 1/6 scale jugs and a pitcher...


I got these cute nick nacks for $1 each too.

My favourite is the dancing guy,even though Ivy says he looks like he stepped in a giant wad of gum.

For some reason his base is stained gray,and I couldn't get it to come off. I scrubbed it with a toothbrush and dish soap, but I may have to resort to baking soda.

  I got this red haired Kelly doll...

Anybody recognize which one she is?

Her curly hair has a part down the back.
...and today's doll. She's Flavas doll called P.Bo.
Definitely NOT her original outfit!

To learn more about Flavas and see my post on Flavas Liam,you can go HERE.

She needs a bit more work, but I did sort her hair out, back to her original 'do.

Seen from the side she has a weird, alien shaped head.
She's quite posable.

The maroon wooden cupboard was a recent Goodwill find for $2

I also got a couple of other small dolls and one larger one that we'll see soon.


  1. With that mass of red curls, your doll could be the Irish Kelly from the Dolls of the World series.

    1. I checked, and she has the wrong eyes. No shadow. I love that Irish one though. I'd love to have that set.

  2. I think the little redhead is a Lorena. Maybe the "I can be an ornament too" angel?

    She could be a Liana too, but I do not think that the red hair of the Liana dolls is usually that bright.

    1. Oh I think you're right! It's Angel Lorena. Thanks.


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