Saturday, April 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #106: Pink Bunny Pose Doll,Knee Hugger Bunnies, and Happy Easter!

  Happy Easter! Today's doll is this sweet little pink bunny.

She's a Japanese Pose Doll.

She has a loop on her head that would lead one to believe she is for hanging.
I don't think she was really meant to be made to sit though. I think I broke one of her legs. I guess she is to be hung, not sat. That's not very 'posable'.

She measures about 7" tall.

She was in beautiful mint condition when I got her. Then Fuzzy's cats knocked the box she was in down the basement stairs and trampled her in the dust and cat hair.

Still, she survived and cleaned up pretty well.

Pose dolls were very popular in the 60's.I'm guessing that's when this girl is from.

The Easter egg she's posing with is much older. It's probably early 1900's.
This is either really sweet because they're guarding her while she sleeps, or really creepy because they killed her...
 She has a sticker on her back that says 'Napco'. Napco made loads of ceramics in the '60's.

I think that little white thing is where she used to have a tail.
Her friends are bunny versions of the typical knee hugger Christmas elf/pixie,from around the same era as the pose doll.

They have the usual faces and bodies of those Christmas elf/pixie dolls. In fact, I have bunches of the elf versions, but these are the only bunnies I've ever seen.

They're called knee huggers for obvious reasons. These days the most famous knee hugger is The Elf on the Shelf.
They each have a little sticker on their back that says Made in Hong Kong.

As you can see around their collars and their armpits,they are very faded.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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