Monday, April 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #114: Mary Hoyer Lookalike,Cindy Lou?

  Today's doll is one I found at an antique store the other day. She was the amazing price of $4.50!

As you can see, my lilacs are in bloom. They smell so good!

I'm not positive who she is. She definitely has the Mary Hoyer doll face.

From what I have been able to find out, the Mary Hoyer dolls were marked 'Mary Hoyer' in a circle on their backs. Mary Hoyer sold their molds to several other companies,one of which was the Richwood Toys company, which made the 14" hard plastic Cindy Lou dolls.

Cindy Lou might have only been available on the east coast,so she's not as well known as the Mary Hoyer dolls.
  Cindy Lou was marked with 'Made in the USA' inside a circle on her back.

And so is my girl, which leads me to think she might be Cindy Lou.
She's hard plastic.

Cindy Lou was available as a walker and a non walker. My girl is not a walker doll.
And she's 14" tall, the same size as some of the Mary Hoyer dolls,and Cindy Lou.

She has green sleep eyes with 'real' lashes.

The lip paint on the Richwood dolls is often brighter than the Mary Hoyer dolls. This girl's lips are bright red.
And she has a synthentic wig.

Her hair is mostly still in it's original set.

She has both of her original barrettes.

 It doesn't show as much as it might in these pictures, but she's sort of a honey blonde.

The Richmond Cindy Lou dolls had 'hip pinned legs', which could be why I hear a metallic sound when I move her legs.

Her arms seem to be strung,which allows her to move her arms out to the sides as well as up and down,and her head can tilt up and down and to the sides.

Her legs can move out to the sides a bit too, which allows her to balance and stand on her own.

She can sit and her head can tilt side to side,as well as up and down.

She has a belly button. Seems so ridiculous that when Mattel gave Barbie a belly button fits were thrown. Even back when this girl was made nobody cared.(That I've heard of anyway.)

And here you can see her leg joints.
I don't think this is my girl's original dress. I suppose it could be, but I would think she would have come in something more sophisticated.

It's a cotton dress with something like Swiss dots,(except they are double dots.), and a velvet sash.

She has very faintly blushed knees.

You almost can't see it at all. There's more blush on her hand...

...but only the one. The other is super faintly blushed.

There's no blush on her feet.

Her little face is beautiful.

She has little or no blush on her cheeks. This is also common to the Cindy Lou dolls.

But she does have some smoky eye shadow.

 She's a pretty doll,but there are other dolls I'd rather have,so she may not be staying.

Tomorrow we'll look at another recent find.

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