Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #186:Singing Holiday Brandy

    I heard recently that singer and actress Brandy Norwood had been admitted to the hospital. I had already had this post in the works,but I held it back until I heard if she was alright. Apparently it was just exhaustion,and she's fine. So this is Brandy.

She was made by Mattel in 2000.

There were quite a few different Brandy dolls made.This version  is Singing Holiday Brandy.

This Brandy doll operates on button batteries,stored in her back,and sings.

Here's what she looked like in her box.

I think  Emma got one new. Mine is second hand.
 Brandy Norwood is an actress,record producer,songwriter, and singer.

 At the time of the doll's release she had her own show,"Moesha",which ran for 6 years.

The real Brandy with the doll head.

Brandy was hand picked by Whitney Houston to play the title character in "Cinderella", the Houston produced 1997 remake of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical.

There were several Brandy dolls made. They all featured the same head sculpt, but the clothing ranged from casual to full Cinderella garb.

I always thought Brandy was so pretty.The doll is a fairly good likeness.

Her hair is made up of two kinds of strands: tiny braids, and thick,thread like hairs.

She has small curls painted around her hair line.

She has the usual click bend knees, as well as jointed elbows.

She has borrowed this dress from a Barbie that came in a set with Tommy,Kelly, and Stacie,all with musical instruments.

Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I always like Brandy, I wish I could find her at the thrift store. thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

    1. I come across them at thrift stores or yard sale occasionally.That's where I got mine. Maybe you'll be lucky. And thanks for reading!


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