Thursday, July 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #208: Enesco Futaba Doll/Frog Person

  Today's doll is ...sort of...a doll. There is definitely a doll involved. It's this little frog person.

I found this guy...girl?...the other week,at my favourite Goodwill.

I think this is a Futaba doll,although Futaba dolls are turtles. this is a frog, isn't it? Futaba creatures are mythical Japanese water beings that are half human and half turtle. I think they are also called Kappa or Shibaten. If anybody knows more about this subject,please let us know.

 I would say this frog is old, considering the look of the Enesco sticker on the bottom.

The frog is strangely human.

Or is the human strangely froglike?

Frogs don't normally wear shirts , do they?

Well no,but the polka dot underwear,of course.
Either way it has a cute little top knot hairdo.

The base is a slice of wood,painted blue on top,and covered with a heavy paper lily pad.

The whole thing measures 6" from the tip of the leaf to the blue velvet leaf attached to the froggie's foot.

See you tomorrow.

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