Friday, July 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #195:The Final Tinkerbell Post!

  I thought I'd finish off Fairy Week with a collection of Tinkerbell dolls. But before we get into that,I have to throw in an 'honorable mention'. She's this doll.

She's from the Barbie Fairytopia Wonder Fairy line. Her name is Lenara.

This 2004 fairy uses the Lea head sculpt,a collector favourite.

She's a beautiful doll, but since she is missing all her clothes I didn't want to feature her with her own day. She deserves to be seen though.
  Now on to the actual doll of the day. I'm going to cheat and make this a three doll day. The reasons for this are: because two of them are almost identical,and because since I have featured several Tinkerbells,I thought I might as well show the other one too,since she's so different from any we have seen so far. In fact, it's kind of surprising how different all these Tinkerbells have been, and yet they're all still recognizable as the character.
The first Tinkerbell is another incomplete doll,so we just take a quick look.

Her back is marked 'Disney Made in China'.

Her head is just marked Disney.

She is about 10 1/2" tall,if you include her hair. I guess that makes her a 10" doll.

One picture I found of a loose doll called it a Disneyland doll. The only picture I could find of a boxed doll was this one.

So is she just a Disney Classic doll?
Now to the actual dolls for today. They are almost identical twins.

Both are the standard fashion doll size.
One has a crown.

And one doesn't.

But did she originally?
 They have the same arm sculpt.

And they can both do the same graceful arm poses because of their shoulder joint that allows their arms to lift both up and down,as well as outward.

But only this girl is going to demonstrate them,because she's got the dress today!

And it's definitely the same head.

 They're just painted differently.

But not that differently.

But they have different legs. The one with the crown has 'regular' legs.

But the other girl has ballerina legs/feet.

The one with the crown is marked  'Disney Made in China'.

She also has a 'tail' in her hair.

Pardon the nudity.

 The one without the crown(with the ballerina legs) is marked 'Disney Made in China'.

She may be this Disney Store Princess Tinkerbell doll.

Mine is missing the tights and shoes.
And the other one may be this girl,only missing her crown.

She could also be this one.

Here are some more pictures to help you figure it out.

And how about another look at the girl who's full clothed?

See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.


  1. Lenara is gorgeous, and I love her twisted braids.

    1. I've seen pictures where people have her dressed in contemporary clothes. She still looks good.


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