Monday, July 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #205:Petite Fashionista Kitty Cute

  I have had my eye on a few of the specialised Fashionists for a while now. When my car over heated yesterday and I had to go to Walmart and buy coolant,I found that almost all of the Fashionistas were clearanced to $5. There was only one of one of my favourites, so I decided to nab it. She's today's doll  of the day.

She one of the Petite girls.

She's called Kitty Cute.

She's also alias #47.

They also had #51,which I was tempted on,and another that's been a favourite of mine for a while...
But they had loads of her and only one of the red haired girl,so I bought red haired girl and hope they'll still have this girl later.

She caught my eye originally because #1.She has red hair.

Something I didn't realize because it isn't obvious in the box,she has two different shades of red hair. That's realistic. I've often said I never had two hairs the same  shade on my head. Ivy has the same thing going on with her hair.


 #2.She has brown eyes!

She has a funny thing going on with her mouth. She kind of looks like she has an underbite.

I don't care what you may have read,brown is not the most prevalent eye colour for red heads.

Red hair,fair skin, and blue eyes are all caused by a higher concentration of the pigment pheomelanin,and less of the dark pigment eumelanin. If you want to read more about that you can check out my Red Heads Week posts,specifically THIS ONE.

Also, there was a #3. She was petite. Other than her freckles, which I don't have, she represented the young me!

I'm 5' tall,red hair, brown eyes.Of course, she doesn't represent the currant me. That would take at least 2 or 3 Petites, and maybe a couple of Curvies!
Kitty Cute gets her name from the cute kitten shirt she's wearing.

 I was disappointed to find that her shirt and skirt are all one piece. I would have liked to have stolen her shirt for Tammy World.
It closes in the back with Velcro.

She also has a 'denim' vest. It's completely printed:all the buttons,pockets,even the denim itself.

She has cute shoes.

She's wearing what we used to call a toboggan. Nowdays it's called a beanie. 

I've said it before,THIS is a beanie! 

I would have preferred a real knitted cap,or at the least, a cloth of some sort. But I suppose the plastic hat is cheaper to make,thus keeps the price down. I thought it was going to be rubber , and sort of soft,but it's hard plastic.

She was fairly easy to remove from her packaging, but the hard part was cutting the plastic ties holding her hat on. They were so tight I couldn't get the scissors under them to cut them! In the end I had to just tear it off. I'm not sure if that stretched the holes in the hat or not, but a couple of them looked pretty big once I got it off.

She has one bent am and one straight arm.


Her legs are hard plastic and don't bend.

She's 10" tall. I've considered this before, and I think she has the current Skipper body, only with hard plastic legs.

If I had the money I might rebody her onto a Made to Move body. Of course, then she wouldn't be Petite any more.

See you again tomorrow.


  1. She's really cute. Did you find her on sale? I have been finding alot of the fashionistas on sale now, since the new ones are coming out. I found the AA red haired one for $5 and #52 in the yellow pants for $5 as well. #5 was $6 at a another store and I bought the AA curvy girl with wavy blonde hair, for $6. At that walmart for some reason, all of their fashionistas were that amount. Target has been putting them on sale for $3.68. I think it sometimes varies store to store, as I found the curvy pink haired girl at Target for 3.68. She is a cutie!

    1. Almost all the Fashionistas were marked down to $5 at Walmart, and one was $3. They did have some of the new ones, which were $7.

  2. Skippercollector did a post comparing the Petite and new Skipper Barbies; there are some differences.

    That picture of you is awesome! It looks professional quality. It also seems like it could be a story prompt. You're on a bus, leaving your old life behind. Where are you going? What are you thinking?

    It's funny to me that you call that hat a toboggan. The only other person I've heard use that word for a hat is my future son-in-law. When I think of a toboggan, I only think of the super long sled. It would have been a ski hat or maybe a stocking cap, although those started out a lot longer. Nowadays I think it would be a slouch hat.

    1. I'll have to check out that Skippercollector post.
      You're kidding! I thought toboggan was a pretty common term in Ohio. Maybe I get it from my Kentucky parents instead.
      The picture of me was taken by my friend Jenny,while we were on a train,from York to Liverpool I think.She studied art, so she had an eye for photography too. Sadly, I haven't heard from Jenny since fall 2015. She seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Since she had a lot of health problems she may have. I have our nephew checking with the prison in Ken's home town,Hull, where she worked.Family has already checked for us, and she no longer lives at the address I have for her.

    2. My future son-in-law is originally from Kentucky as well, so I bet you got the word from your parents. :)

      I'm sorry about your friend, although when I first started reading your next-to-last sentence, I was starting to wonder if she *was* in prison! I hope you at least find out what happened to her, even if it's not great news.

    3. That's what I told Chris, our nephew.I need to know,even if it's bad news. She taught art to the prisoners.She used to design fabrics for kid's clothes for Marks and Spencers. She sent some over and the kids all wore the Jungle Book shirt with her drawings when they were little.


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