Thursday, July 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #194: Disney Store Rosetta

  Yesterday we saw the 2008 Disney Store exclusive Tinkerbell. Today we continue Fairy Week with Tinkerbell's friend Rosetta from the same series of dolls.

She's 10" tall.
She's from the same series as yesterday's doll.

She has her hair out of the original set, but she looks good this way.

She's missing her shoes too, but that just makes her like most of my second hand dolls.

She also has the hand on hip arm,but she has the opposite one from Tinkerbell.

She also has the shiny tights that Tinkerbell has.

Other than the arms being reversed, the sculpts seem to be nearly the same.

Tinkerbell's non hand-on-hip arm may be slightly more bent.

This Rosetta has a very different face from the current dolls.

Like this Rosetta who had her own 'Day' recently. You can see more of her HERE.

Her dress has a flower petal skirt.

The bodice is a bit shimmery.

There were at least five dolls in this series.

Ok,that's it girls. You can go now.
See you tomorrow for another fairy.

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