Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #192:Barbie Fairytopia Dahlia

  As I said yesterday,this week's theme is fairies.It's summer, and summer is made for fairies. Today's doll is another fairy from the Barbie Fairytopia series. Apparently I really liked this series of dolls. I have several of them.) She's Dahlia.

She was produced in 2004.

She has a beautiful face.
Her outfit is complete,except for green shoes and a flower in her hair.

She has the coloured legs with printed designs, like the orange haired Fairytopia fairy,Dandelion, I showed you on this year's Doll-A-Day 184.

Her wings are attached to her clothes.

She was a nice colour to photograph next to my Rose of Sharon flowers on the darkish rainy day she had her photo shoot.

She got her photo shoot in between showers. There have been a lot of thunder and lightening storms lately,and this day was no exception.

Her legs are fairly firm and don't bend very much.

Her wings are thin plastic.

She is another doll I got second hand.

Tomorrow we'll see another fairy.

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