Saturday, July 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #196:Shrunken Saturday:This Week's Yard Sale Goodies and Scottish Tommy

  Well,I only went yard saling one day this week,because the muffler fell off the car as Ken was going to work yesterday,and he had to take the car in this morning. I got in most of the places on my list though,so it was no problem. It's just as well, since for some reason I am so sleepy today I can hardly function.
  So here is the best of what I got yesterday.

That's the Avon Winter Splendour Barbie,the red haired Twist n Turn Barbie Repro in Smasheroo,a random lamp(Barbie I'm guessing),and a doll we'll concentrate on today...but later.

A cool rustic picture frame chair.

The Doughboy says "Hoo hoo!" when his belly is pressed,just like on TV. I love the Pillsbury Doughboy,and I have loads of different ones.(You can see my post on the Doughboy HERE.)  In fact,I may have this one...

I like this little plaque with hooks. The heads are moveable,so you can make the couple look at each other,mad at each other,or just ignoring each other.

The umbrella is three dimensional and actually hangs over their heads.

It reminds me of some bottle stoppers I have.
I got really excited when I found this.

I talked Ken into putting up the money for it by promising I'd learn to play chess. He's been after me to do that for years. But then he cheated and talked them down on the price by half! It was supposed to be missing one piece,a Statler. Once we went through the pieces, we found that, although we were missing a Staler,we had almost enough other extra pieces to make another set.  
I also got some free fabric with tiny prints,some books, vintage dishes,and a 'tap dance kit' for Ivy,that included a CD,instructions, and taps for your shoes. This will work a lot better for her than when I bought the tap shoes, which she wouldn't wear because they were leather. She can put these taps on tennis shoes if she wants.
  So on to today's doll. We'll start with the yard sale version.

It may look like a girl, but it's a boy.
I already have this doll.I got it when Ivy was small. 

Ivy was totally obsessed with Kelly dolls. This doll came in the 2004 Friends of the World:Europe set.

I split the set with Ivy because I really wanted this particular doll.

I bought the yard sale doll for $1,which is more than I would pay for most half dressed Kelly dolls at yard sales. But this doll is a special case.

I saw a beautiful repaint online though,which had made him into a girl and dressed her in regular,contemporary clothes. I wanted to try it,but I didn't want to mess my guy up.

He has a sprinkle of freckles.

And the fairest complexion in all Kellydom.

He's far more pale than the usual pink complected Kelly or Tommy.

Well, he is Scottish,and,according to Scottish comedian Billy Connolly,that makes a person,'naturally pale blue'.
He has very blue eyes,and that orange hair.

The outfit includes the tam hat...

It keeps creeping up in the back.


. vest/white shirt combo...


short socks and black tassel shoes...


The shoes even have a tread on the bottom.

...and of course, that kilt...

His right arm is the typical Kelly arm, with only the up and down motion...

...while the left arm can go up and down and outward.

It has the Stop in the Name of Love/Hey.I'm walkin' here! hand.

Tomorrow we're done with fairies and on to something else. So come back and see what we'll have then.


  1. I'm intrigued by the taps! The Dancer has studied tap for eight years, with regular tap shoes. Be careful; real taps are slippery.

    1. Yes, it's weird. They come with screws to put them on your shoes. I think she should get a pair of shoes with hard soles for it. The real question is, where is she going to tap,because we have wood floors,and really old rubber asphalt floors.I think she needs one of those roll up practice mats!


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