Friday, July 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #187:Hong Kong Heidi Clone

    Today's doll is this girl.

I say this is a clone of remco's 1960's Heidi doll, for reasons I'll relate in a minute. But she doesn't initially seem to resemble Remco's Heidi at all.

She has a completely different face from Heidi,or any of her friends.

She looks like she's holding her breath.

She's just a little over 5" tall,while Heidi measures a full 5 1/2".

In spite of this, our girl today seems bigger than Heidi. Maybe because Heidi has a stubbier body and a  smaller head.

Well,maybe not.

She's marked only 'Hong Kong,on her back.

Her body is made of a strange translucent hard plastic. Her head and limbs are a softer vinyl,more like the real Heidi's.

Her arms and hands are direct copies of Heidi's.

Although she doesn't have the button in her stomach that Heidi has,or the 'waving' arm it was meant to control.

Same torso otherwise though.

Her hair is a  more silky fiber than Heidi and friends too. Their hair can often be rather crispy.

And her dress may or may not be her original, but I'm almost positive it's a Heidi dress.

I should have photographed her with Heidi,I now realize. I'll update this post tomorrow. but today is already  tomorrow,it's so late. So you'll just have to trust me and check back later!
UPDATE:The pictures have been added. See? I keep my promises...usually.

See you tomorrow for another doll, and coming soon, a review!

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  1. I love Heidi! It's so nice to see this little clone; she has a charm all her own.


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