Friday, July 7, 2017

Doll-A-day 2017 #188:Amber,From Clueless

  Today's doll is this redhead.

She's Amber,from the TV series based on the 1995 movie, "Clueless". The TV series ran from 1996 to 1999. The dolls were produced in 1997.

Amber was one of the best friends of the main character, Cher.There were dolls of Cher, and her other best friend,Dionne,too.

Amber was played by Elisa Donovan in both the "Clueless" movie and the TV series.

Amber is wearing her original jacket and pants, but she should have a white crop top and a pink head band.

She has the usual Barbie body of the time, with bent arms, click knees, and a twist waist.
Her red hair has a chunk that's a different shade running down the back.

Her bangs are combed back. If it had been the 80's they'd have been sticking straight up.

If you read yesterday's post you'll have been looking for an update,containing the comparison pictures I promised. They have been added, so please check it out.
  See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.


  1. Are her clothes removable (like w velcro and snaps)? Or are they those horrible seen on doll clothes you can't take off?

    1. All removable. That's not her original shirt.


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