Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 199: Ivy's Collection: Lady in a Shawl

  Today's doll is another from Ivy's collection. She's this pretty lady.

She's another doll of Ivy's that I really love.

She stands only 6" tall.

I'm not sure what nationality she's supposed to represent,but she's obviously one of those 'travel dolls'.

She has no articulation,so she can't even sit.

She has cottony stocking type arms and legs.

She has a petticoat under her dress.

The shoes are separate from her legs and are made of a leathery fabric.

Her face is almost a silky fabric.

I like her dress fabric. It has a woven design and the fabric is fairly heavy.

What appears to be all fringy shawl is actually part fringy shawl, and part fringy thing attached to her scarf.


There's a loop on the back to hang her by. I have no idea why she would need to be hangable.

She reminds me of this doll of my own.

You can see her 'Day' HERE.They're the same fabric arms and legs, same leathery shoe fabric,same size,and they both have hand painted faces.
Ivy claims to have bought this doll at a doll show for $10. I think she's wrong. For one thing, younger Ivy would never have spent $10! But you know how it is arguing with a teenager!

There's another doll tomorrow. Be here then.

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