Monday, July 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #209: Maggie's Raggies

  I have missed 4 days,but not because I wasn't trying! I had a nice post on a vintage doll I got yard saling Friday. Unfortunately,we are having trouble with our phone lines,an we have had no internet for days. So those long posts will have to wait. They have given us a date of August 8th,wnen they will come out to check it! Until then, I'm playing catch up,an then will try to keep current.At the moment we are sitting outside Ken's place of work,borrowing their Wifi.
  So here' the doll for Friday! She's  a Maggie's Raggie.

Maggie's Raggies were made in a variety of sizes.

This one is about 14".

You can see the post I did on my other Maggie's Raggie HERE.

They all have Velcro on their hands, so they can hold each other's hands,their own,or accessories.

This cute girl has a kerchief on.

I'm still catching up. Next:Shrunken Saturday.

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