Saturday, July 1, 2017

Doll-A-DAY 2017:#182: Shrunken Saturday: Small Jointed People

  Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is this couple.

They're both about 3 1/2" tall.

I have almost nothing but questions about these two. What Are they made out of? What were they originally attached to?

There's a piece of wire they hang from that allows them to sort of teeter totter back and forth.

They share a set of arms.

The lady has part of her crepe paper skirt left.

 The lady's bodice is painted with lacing up the front of the bodice,and like the man, she's wearing a hat.

They both have blushy cheeks.

 He's wearing a tie.

The man is wearing suspenders,or,as my English husband says,braces.

Check out his unpainted bottom.What is that? Plaster? Composition? Clay?
Does anybody have any idea what they might have been a part of? I found them at a garage sale yesterday. If they didn't share a set of arms I would definitely think about separating them so they could be individual people. I am thinking about prefading some crepe paper and making the lady a new skirt. I don't want to repaint them though,because they would lose their charm if they were all shiny and bright.
  Come back and see what doll we'll be looking at tomorrow.


  1. My first thought is that these were part of a clock, perhaps moving with a pendulum. They don't look elaborate enough to me to be part of a music box, but then they could have been that too.

    1. Yes, I think you may be right.

  2. With the arms joined together, they almost look like they were on a cuckoo clock, and they moved in tandem doing *something* on the hour. Plus the fact that their outfits look vaguely Germanic.

    1. I was thinking something like that too.It's like those guys sawing a log that are on those clocks and things.They do look a bit German.


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