Sunday, July 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #190: Kid Sister and Some Yard Sale Hauls

  I couldn't sleep yesterday morning anyway, so I got up and went out yard saling. Later in the day I stopped back home to pick Ken up and he went out with me. It wasn't anything amazing, but it wasn't a bad haul for the day.

The Big Bird is a Worlds of Wonder electronic animal, like Teddy Ruxpin.

He doesn't have his cord or tapes though, so I'm not sure he works.
The Monsters Inc. Sully is about 2 feet tall. I think he's a Disney Store exclusive.

The recipe book of alcohol free drinks is for Emma, who likes to make alcohol free mixed drinks. The boxed deck of cards is like one we had as kids.The miniature calendar on a stand is from 1936,and when turned over is a tiny stand mirror.

The 1930's are my favourite modern era.

The Kermit is a Hasbro Softies that turned out to be a special doll that was available from Pampers in 1984.

He needs a bath. I have the matching Miss Piggy. Kermit is hanging out with Little Critter's sister. there's also a Bionicle, which Fuzz used to be obsessed with,and still likes.
I also got a couple of movies,a musical Hummel, and a green glass cup with a bunny on the side.

The handle of the bunny cup looks like a branch. I also got this small basket and the giant version of my parents' old lighters for Fuzz, who likes giant versions of regular things.(Sort of the opposite of me.) The musical Hummel type Schmidt figure plays "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". You can also see some of the vintage Cabbage Patch kids puzzle and the vintage Cabbage Patch bracelet,which were from separate places.

The wall paper is printed with tiny anchors. I'm going to use it for the nautical room I'm planning for the boys bedroom in my 1/6 scale dollhouse. (When I get around to remodeling it.) It was a quarter, but the lady ended up giving it to me for nothing. (The Cabbage Patch bracelet was in her free box.) She didn't remember me,as she didn't the last time I went to one of her yard sales,but I went to school with her. We talked briefly about people from school and getting old. I'm sure she won't remember me the next time either!

When I bought the Hummel and the green cup, I also got a set of wall plaques made in Occupied Japan.

And I got a 1/6 scale old fashioned school desk. This is a better view of the Cabbage Patch bracelet.
The Prince 45 is for my cousin,who is a huge fan.
Now for today's doll. She's Kid Sister.

She can't stand on her own without leaning. Her legs are buckling here.
She was made in 1986,as the sister of My Buddy,the doll introduced in 1985 by Hasbro Playskool.

While My Buddy was promoted as  a 'buddy' for boys,(And girls. I think Unsentimental Niece had one.), Kid Sister was marketed to girls.

Kid Sister and My Buddy were both sold as blondes. My Buddy was also available as a brunette, while Kid Sister was also made with auburn hair. Both were also available in African American versions.

I also got the shelf she's sitting on from my neighbours.

She has freckles and dimples.

This is the original version of Kid Sister. She is about 22" tall and has removable clothing.

Her hair needs redone.

I don't think the socks are original,and she's missing a shoestring.

Her hat is actually a visor. This one is missing the strap.
 The dolls were redone in the 90's as a smaller doll with built in clothes.

See you tomorrow for something of a theme week. And don't forget to watch for a review coming soon!

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