Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #193: Disney Store Tinkerbell

  Today's doll for Fairy week is this familiar character. She's Tinkerbell.

I'll say it again. I never cared much for Tinkerbell as a character,but I like the dolls.

I was a bit confused as to which Tinkerbell doll this is. She's only marked Disney China.

She's similar to the 2013 Disney Parks Tinkerbell,but she has much more yellow hair,(as opposed to blonde),and a very different face.

The Disney Parks dolls were available only at the Disney theme parks.
She's also similar to this Disney Parks doll.

I finally found out who she is by finding a different doll in the series online. It appears that she's the 2008 Disney Store exclusive Tinkerbell.

Her outfit is slightly different from the later,Disney Parks dolls. TheDisney Parks dolls seem to have a satinish bodice, while my doll had a velvety one.

The skirt is also different. Mine has blue glitter outlining  the leaves, which are not as velvety as the Parks Girl's leaves. All three dolls are wearing white tights.

The skirt has a built in iridescent underskirt.

She has this flower and tassels thing Velcroed to her back. It attaches with a two sided piece of Velcro that allows it to attach to her dress, while presenting a Velcro surface that would allow something else can be attached to it. The wings? or is this thing something that just found it's way onto her dress, but isn't really hers? Again, I got her second hand, so I don't know.

She's not the standard 11 1/2" doll. She's shorter,standing 10" tall.

She's missing her shoes.

She has a fairly heavy body, and she's a pretty sturdy looking girl for a Tinkerbell. She has arms and legs that are definitely not the typical Tinkerbell dainty.

She has a face that's more like the animation of Tinkerbell than the later dolls' faces is.

Her hair could do with a touch up.

She can do that judgemental hand on hip Tinkerbell pose.

But only one hip.

She looks pretty natural in the great outdoors than that very yellow hair would suggest.

Tomorrow we'll have a look at one of her friends. See you then.


  1. The Dancer loved the Disney Fairies version of Tinkerbell, and all her friends. Actually the Disney Fairies series of books was one of the things that encouraged her to read when she was in about second grade or so.

  2. what a find, I have one and her hair is in pretty good shape. Im working on my disney castle for them and its almost done. I cant wait to see who her friend is



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