Monday, July 17, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #197: Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones

  Ivy asked if I was doing today's dolls because it was Harrison Ford's birthday a couple of days ago. I wasn't actually. That was just a coincidence. I was actually reminded of these dolls because Ken and I went to see "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" at the movies last week. So here they are, a couple of Indiana Jones boys.

Both are 12" tall.
These dolls were released in 2008,around the time of the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". But don't hold that against them!

The movie was widely criticized and a disappointment to most fans. For one thing,the plot was a bit wild, even for Indiana Jones movies. For another,Harrison Ford was a little old for the action. I'll never forget my friend Lori's comment on Indiana's fall over the falls: "There's no way he was doing that without breaking a hip."

One is talking Indy.

He's operated by pushing a button in his abdomen.

He has the usual Indiana Jones outfit.

 The Indiana Jones hat.

The 'leather' jacket and button up shirt. 

His shirt has printed on buttons,but a real pocket.

He has a belt holding up his brown pants,(which are tan in the picture on the box.)

He also has brown boots. The soles are painted black,which is a nice bit of detail.
 Everybody loves the scene where Indy steals the golden idol and gets chased by the giant rock. So you can reenact the scene,he comes with the idol.

And his pistol, which fits in his holster.
He has griping hands so he can hold his gun,and of course,his famous whip.

So it would be stupid if he didn't come with his whip. 

 In fact, in a goofball move, he comes with two whips. One is attached to his side,and the other one is loose, for play.

This illustration looks odd,since they don't point to where the holster is.
Yeah, that's nice that he can have either,but Indiana didn't have two whips at the same time!
Although there was a doll based on Shia Labeouf's character in 'Crystal Skull' released in the same series,these dolls are meant to be the Indiana from the original movie.

Shia Labeouf played Mutt Williams, Indy's son." To quote Wakko Warner, Uhh...IIIIII don't think so."

The boxes both describe scenes from "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

This is the talking doll box.
And this is the other guy's box. Both scenes mentioned are in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
 I thought at first that the talking doll was from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" because a couple of his phrases,"That's why they call it the jungle sweetheart.",and "Fortune and glory kid,fortune and glory." are actually from that film.

But wait. Some of these quotes are from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" too.
 As for his talking feature. not only does he talk,his mouth moves!

He also has some impressive beard stubble.

When his stomach is pushed his mouth opens and he speaks. With some creative button manipulation you can almost make his mouth move to the words.
The other doll is an Indiana with sound too...

 ..but the most he can muster are whip cracking sounds.

He has a button on his back that, when pushed, makes his arm fly down (from the upward position, which you have to do first.), and a 'whip cracking' sound is heard. 

 He has a similar outfit to talking Indy.except his shirt has 'sweat stains'.

Here you can see that he has a jointed elbow and wrist.
His left hand is the same sculpt as the hands on the talking doll.

He has some nice realistic facial features too. While both are good likenesses of Harrison Ford,I think this guy is better,mainly because the mouth opening feature of the other one makes him look a bit different.

He comes with his pistol,holster, and 'man purse'.

He also has a plastic belt and brown pants.
 They can call it a messenger bag if they want.

When Fuzzy was Indiana Jones for Halloween one year I made him an Indy 'man purse'. When I looked it up online to get a really good picture of it to work from, I found out it's really a gas mask bag. 

A very sweaty Indiana about to shoot that really tall guy with a sword. Note the man purse.

It's a WWII British “MkVII” gas mask bag,with a different strap. Did nobody mention to the film makers that all three of the first movies were set before World War II?
I couldn't get a good picture of talking Indy's shoes, but this guy's are the same.

Nice stitching and lace detail.
And of course, he has the Indiana Jones hat.

Both dolls contained an offer I really wish we had acted on. 

Gee, I guess I'm a little too late.

Of course, that would have meant buying 2 more dolls. That would have been pretty expensive. As it was, I was never supposed to open these dolls in case it became necessary for Ken to sell them. I pointed out to him today that the ark we could have sent for would be worth way more now than the four dolls would have cost.
   Tomorrow we'll look an,what else


  1. I heard there's yet another Indiana Jones movie coming out a couple of years from now. Lots of people are having fun coming up with names for the movie.
    Indiana Jones and the Early Bird Special
    Indiana Jones: Get Off My Lawn
    Indiana Jones and the Viagra Monologues
    I laughed out loud at a Star Wars one: Han Solo -- The Force Awakens Three or Four Times a Night to Use the Bathroom.

    Anyway, I bet that bag was pulled off a shelf from a prop room and nobody knew what it was. Mr. BTEG and I were in Germany when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came out there, and I took a picture of a promo poster. Translated from German, the caption reads: The Man with the Hat Is Back. And This Time, He's Bringing His Father Along.

    1. Ha! I love those!I had to read those to Ken. Unfortunately they won't need to use the Star Wars one...or will they???

  2. I liked the movie, I think I watched it about 3 times but you are right the plot was really out there.


    1. I've only seen it once. Maybe I should give it another try.


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