Sunday, October 8, 2017

Doll-A=Day 2017 #280:Shrunken Saturday: Pink Heather Rose

  If you read my sob story the other day about how the yard waste guys ignored my stuff the week before last, you'll be glad to hear that they picked it up on Friday! Yay!  Now my cans are empty again and I can clear up all the leaves and stuff I left by the curb. Of course, if that was the last pickup of the year I'd be better off   leaving them by the curb. The trouble is, you never know that until it's too late.
  Anyway, I had  a nice time this evening. Emma and I went to a family weenie roast. Everybody was in a good mood and we had a good time talking.We were supposed to bring something to add to the food. I finally got around to trying out the famous (in my house anyway!) 'Peanut Butter Pie Sale' recipe. It turned out pretty good and everybody seemed to like it. (If you want to try it I actually posted the recipe,and how it got it's name, HERE.) Afterward I went back to Emma's and we sat around and talked for a couple of hours, just the two of us, which was something we don't get to do very often. So all around it was a good day. (Plus I got a hose reel on wheels for free today!)
  So, on to today's doll. It's Shrunken Saturday, when we focus on miniature dolls, usually dollhouse (or 1/12) scale. The doll we're looking today isn't exactly dollhouse scale, unless you want to have it be the main dollhouse resident. She might be a little young to be the head of the house though.

She's a Rosebud Baby.

Her name is Pink Heather Rose.

I found her at the recent flea market.

She was made by Mattel in 1977.

She came with a cradle,but she didn't have it with her when I bought her.

She's 4 1/2" tall.

There were 10 Rosebud Baby's in all. The first seven were named after types of miniature roses,while the remaining 3 had regular names.

The Rosebud Baby sculpt was reused in 1985 to make the somewhat less attractive Heart Family babies.

 Later it was also used for the Teacher Barbie kids, and the European Barbie babies. I think the dolls got progressively worse looking. Those Barbie school kids were not very cute. Not to mention, those kids made some pretty huge babies for the Heart Family and Barbie. They were a bit overwhelming. They looked like The Toddlers That Ate Detroit.  

You can see what this kid looked like in her box and read some information on the dolls at the Li'l Friends of Kelly page HERE.
Come back tomorrow for another doll.

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