Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #297: Dress Up Kermit

  As some of you may have read before, I love The Muppets. I always have,since I was a kid. That's back before Sesame Street, and long before The Muppet Show, or any of the movies. (That's how old I am.) So I got excited when I found this guy at a yard sale a couple of years ago.

He's Dress Up Kermit, by Fisher Price.

He was made in 1981.

Back when Muppet toys still carried the Henson Associates (or HA!) name.

The 'dress up' feature with this doll was Kermit's reporter trench coat,and a brown felt fedora, which my Kermit is missing.

His coat features printed buttons and a belt and buckle and closes with a Velcro closure.

Under his coat her has a shirt front and bow tie.

Under the shirt front he has his usual green collar.

A set of pajamas was also available,followed the next year by a cowboy outfit. The year after that Vogue sold 2 sets of patterns,one for Kermit's Evening Outfit, and one for his Jogging Wardrobe.
  Kermit has Velcro on his hands too.

While posing for these pictures he fell on his head on the cement.


 Kermit has his usual flippers.

His mouth is a bit too wide open I think.

From certain angles his eyes completely disappear.

The original Kermit's eyes really were made of ping pong ball halves.

  The other dolls in this series were Miss Piggy and Gonzo. The Miss Piggy shows up occasionally, but Gonzo,who was the last to be released, has eluded me so far. There were several outfits and a couple of patterns for Miss Piggy, but poor Gonzo only had one additional outfit to his original 'dare devil' outfit. You can see plenty of pictures of all three dolls,their outfits, and patterns,on the Muppet Wiki page HERE.
  To see my other Muppet doll posts you can go HERE for Wedding Piggy,or for the Swedish Chef go HERE for Scooter go HERE, for Kermit by Palisades go HERE,and you can find Baby Miss Piggy HERE. If you aren't tired of Muppets after all that, you can read about how I accidentally stole Kermit and Miss Piggy's wedding cake topper HERE.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.

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