Saturday, October 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #300: Winx Dolls

  Ok, here we go again. It was one freezing cold day today. In fact,it snowed! It was so cold and wet that Lori and I didn't even go to the Renaissance Fair. We started to it,and Lori just didn't think she could take the cold. (Lori hates cold weather,and is always mentioning how she wants to move to the south, where it's warm.) I'll get to the story of where we went and what we did in today's Shrunken Saturday post,later.
  Today's,(Ok,yesterday's.) doll is  a group of dolls.

See how nice it was yesterday?
These are Winx dolls.



Technu. Notice it's starting to look cloudy.

All of them have their original clothes, except this girl,who only has her skirt.

Flora made an attempt to cover her embarrassment with vines, but they moved.
That's better.

Winx dolls are meant to be fairies, but all mine are missing their wings.

Bloom has this attachment for moveable wings.

Aisha has this kind.

I didn't get these all at the same time. I happened across them here and there at various times. I still have one who hasn't had her day at the spa yet. 

Bloom is from the Believix series.

This is Everyday Flora.

This Stella is from the Target Exclusive Good Vs. Evil set.

I'm not sure what series Aisha and Technu are from.

I usually prefer the natural looking hair colours, but I think Technu may be my favourite in the whole group.

I forgot to measure them. They look tall, but apparently they are only 11 1/2" tall.

Most of them have jointed elbows, wrists,and knees.

Stella and Flora are the exceptions.

Some of these clothes don't appeal to me,but the dolls have beautiful faces.

I also have this girl.

I wasn't sure what she was at first, but it turns out she's a Winx too.

She's very different from the other girls though,including she's much smaller.

Her face is more exotic too.

Her hair is rooted with a part down the back, so apparently she had ponytails.

She has her original sandals,but is this her dress? It fits well, but looks out of place.

The Winx dolls are based on characters from the animated Nickelodean series. (or is it the other way around?)

There's one more post today,then I'll be back on track.So check for this week's Shrunken Saturday post.


  1. I think that Winx was a cartoon magazine too 15-20 years ago. At least it was in Norway. I was more into W.I.T.C.H. I have the Leyla doll from back then. She is the same type as the last doll you are showing. She came with a cell phone and a heart shaped purse.

  2. Tecna and Aisha are both from the believix line as well, and so is the flora with the missing top. I used to be obsessed with Winx when I was younger, and had a lot of the dolls. That smaller Stella doll you have is from the Mattel line, which was available between 2004-2008/9 I believe, and the bigger dolls are by Jakks Pacific and were released somewhere between 2011-2014. Lovely review though, and regarding the Mattel Stella, I believe she may have been one of the Charmix dolls, but depending on whether or not she has magnets on her back, she is either the 2004 "debut" version, or the later 2005 "budget version". And that pink plastic piece on Blooms back is removable, it seems her wings were ripped off, sadly *_*

    1. Thank you. Looks like I got most of the Believix line! I don't see anything on little Stella's back other than back.Are the magnets visible or under the surface? Is that her dress? It fits too well to not be,but it's awfully short and doesn't look like the other outfits in style and fabric. Different manufacturer though,right? That could be part of the reason. She looks like the other Charmix dolls, but I could only find pictures of the red haired one.

    2. Hi again! Sorry for the late reply, but I actually have no idea if that's her outfit or not, and the magnets are usually visible on the dolls back, if she's one of the earlier "deluxe" Charmix dolls, because the later Charmix dolls had their wings sewn onto their outfits, to make them more affordable I assume. I also just realized that she has her blue headband on, so for sure she's the budget Charmix Stella.
      here's a link to a blog post that has an image of your Stella,
      and heres a link to a Flickr post that shows most of the Stella dolls that were released by Mattel,
      You're Stella is the fifth one in the back row (notice her wings look flimsy and less detailed compared to the wings on the other two Charmix dolls)
      Also, there's a chance that the dress your Stella is wearing could possibly be a monster high dress, because monster high and Mattel Winx dolls can share clothes very easily. Best Wishes, DDC <3

    3. Thanks so much. Stella is way smaller than the other dolls too. She's also smaller than a Monster High, but since they are so skinny it might fit.


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