Thursday, October 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #278:Toodles, or Not Toodles? That Is The Question

  The readers have been very helpful recently, in identifying some dolls I needed wasn't sure about. Today I'm going to ask for help again. My problem is this guy.

I got him...her? an antique store.

I put these clothes on him because he was naked when I got him.

There was no tag at all on him...her?

He's marked 'American Character 1958' on the back of the neck.

He measures about 16" or 17" tall. (It's hard to flatten his legs out.)

There's a squeaker in his back.

He has bluey green sleep eyes with lashes...

...and blushy cheeks.

He has a podgy baby belly and a belly button.

His arms and head are vinyl.

There's some nicely molded hair  on his head,with curls on his forehead.


 His little arms are jointed.

And he can turn his head.

But his body and legs are a solid rubber.

It's not quite like what I know about 'magic skin'. As far as I know 'magic skin' is a thin rubber. This stuff is thick.

So thick and stiff in fact, that it's hard to keep him in a sitting position.

He just wants to pop right up.

Especially in these PJs. The rubber skin at least holds him down a little!

From what I've been able to find out, Toodles has this head, but the legs are jointed.

My question is,is this Toodles? Or just some random American Character doll with the same head sculpt?

Well, tomorrow's another doll. See you then.


  1. Google "infant toodles" doll.

  2. Close, but did they make it with and without jointed legs?All I have found is the jointed leg ones.Mine has a solid rubber torso/legs.


Thanks in advance for your comments.