Sunday, October 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #281:Dodi, Pepper's Friend by Ideal

  Today's doll is Dodi.

  Dodi was produced by Ideal beginning in 1964.

 Dodi was available as a blonde or a red head.

Haircuts run rampant in my Dodi collection...

  She was the friend of Tammy's sister Pepper.
In spite of the fact that Dodi is a totally different scale than Pepper.I mean, look at the size of Pepper's head! Dodi is a more realistic scale.

  Dodi came in straight leg and Pos'n editions.

This is obviously the straight leg edition.
The straight leg version has a hard plastic torso and legs and softer head and arms.

 One version of Dodi came in the red and blue dress.

My blonde Dodi is wearing a Mommy made dress that looks pretty great on her.

My blue and red dress is badly sun faded.

  Like Pepper, Dodi stands 9" tall.

  But Dodi's  much smaller head makes her look a totally different proportion from Pepper. But apparently they were expected to wear the same clothes.

Dodi was featured on her own case and a case with Pepper.

You have to love Dodi's mischievous grin.

The side glance eyes are cute,but I think it would be a good idea if they glanced the opposite direction to Pepper's instead of the same one. Then they could look at each other.

  In 1977 Dodi made a comeback as Suntan Dodi,the younger sister of Suntan Tuesday Taylor.

 I prefer the untanned versions.

We'll see you tomorrow for another doll.

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