Saturday, October 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #293: Lily Rose and Karina Grace

  We've been looking at Only Hearts Club dolls for the last few days. Today we're looking at my favourite,Lily Rose,and her friend Karina Grace.

Lily Rose is the red head.

And of course, Karina Grace is the blonde.

Strangely,I nearly named Ivy,my red haired daughter, 'Lily',and her middle name is Rose.

Ivy doesn't have nearly this many freckles.
Lily Rose  and Karina Grace both came in an outfit, but I got these two sets of Only Hearts pajamas,because my obsession with doll pajamas is second only to my obsession with doll coats.

While I was attempting to get her to stay in this pose she did actually slide down the banister!

The odd thing about Only Hearts dolls is that the boxed dolls came in outfits that were also available as boxed outfits. If your doll didn't come in the outfit you wanted, you wouldn't necessarily have had to buy another doll to get the outfit. That's rare these days.

There were dolls that came in the pajama sets,including these two sometimes. But these girls came in outfits.

One of the reasons all of my Only Hearts Club dolls came dressed in their standard outfits is that I got my original 6 OHC dolls as part of a store display.

It was this one,minus Hanna Faith,top,far right,and Kayla Rae,bottom,far left. All the dolls came in the clothes they are wearing here,except I swear I didn't get the green shirt with the heart on it.

They were all attached to their chair and a base.You may have seen the chair before,as I use it for posts sometimes.

As you cans see,it works for dolls of various sizes.

 I had seen the display piece at Target and one day I stopped in at a Goodwill I never stop at, in the campus area of Columbus, and there it was, along with a horse stable and a couple of horses. I paid $7 for the clump of 6 dolls on a chair.

I definitely have those blue pants though.

Both of these girls have the original 'nub' feet:just bits of their leg turned up. Later dolls had plastic feet.

Like these, belonging to a later Lily Rose.

Lily Rose has a face full of freckles,but they are pretty realistic.

In thinking this over after looking at a lot of Only Hearts dolls the past week,maybe Lily Rose isn't my favourite. She has red hair and freckles, but she has a big square jaw.

Karina Grace has a much better face.

 It's surprising how different they can look from different angles.Look at the difference in the next two pictures.

It's almost like she smiled.


  I'm always amazed that there is such detail in their tiny little faces.

The staircase came from my favourite Goodwill.

I'm hoping to work it into my 1/6 scale dollhouse. It'll need more steps though, because even though the banister is the right height,the steps are pretty far apart.

In trying to pose Karina Grace I snapped her hand off! Luckily it went back on,but it will never be the same.

Yes,that hand right there. It went back on, but it seems like it could be a choking hazard for kids. Maybe it only happens now that they are older and maybe getting brittle. I know  a lot of the hands have changed colour,like Briana Joy's hands, which I showed you yesterday. Maybe the change also involves them becoming brittle.

  Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday,and I'll be showing you a couple of much smaller dolls from the Only Hearts line.

See you then.

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