Saturday, October 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #301:Uneeda Posin Pee Wees

 UPDATE: Thanks to a reader (Again!),I now know this guy is a Posin Pee Wees doll.
   I mentioned in the last post that Lori and I didn't go to the Renaissance fair because it was freezing cold and snowing today. We ended up at an indoor flea market instead. That's where I found today's Shrunken Saturday doll.

He's only 4" tall.

He's the same size as my Takara Ton Chan doll.

 He's found a new best friend.

On the back of his head it says," U D Co Inc".

So he's a Uneeda doll.

He has a bendy,wired body,similar to a Liddle Kiddle.

His shoes and socks are molded and painted parts of his body.

His shirt is older because it has a dull,old looking snap.

 But these may not be his original pants because they close with Velcro.

He is actually an 80's doll I think. So they could be his original clothes. Strange to have a snap and Velcro though. The only other Posin' Pee Wees have found pictures of were a doll dressed as Micheal Jackson,with a faux military jacket and one glove,and one other that wasn't dressed like this guy either.

I needed to get caught up. Now I'm back on track!

Tomorrow we'll see another doll that actually belongs on that day. See you then.


  1. Oh! I wish that I had a doll like that too. I do not know who he is. But I can see that his face is similar to the different Pee-Wee dolls.

  2. I Googled Uneeda + kiddle and found a picture of a girl with a guitar. Apparently there were some dolls called Posin' Pee-Wees.

    1. Why didn't I think of that? I Googled Posin Pee Wees and found the girl you mentioned,plus a boy dressed as Micheal Jackson. It's 1984,and I would have thought that the dolls were much older than that. But I'm sure you're right that that's what my boy is. I didn't find one with yellow shoes though. If they are 80's dolls that does mean those could be his original pants though.


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