Thursday, October 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #291:Princess Taylor Angelique

  Yesterday we talked about Only Hearts Club dolls. Today's doll continues that.

She's Princess Taylor Angelique.

She's the Fairy Princess version of Taylor Angelique,obviously.

That's why she has a unicorn I guess. (?)

We spent the evening with Emma,so Taylor split her photo session between our yard and Emma's 'Grotto',as I call it. It isn't really a 'grotto',since that would be a cave with water inside,but it reminds me of a grotto. She lives in the lower floor of a house,and there is a surrounding stone 'wall' of sorts because she's partially underground. She has an enclosed, private space almost surrounded by rocks,and it's quite damp,so there's a greenness around. It just makes me think 'grotto'. Wickipedia describes man made 'garden grottos' like this: "The outside of garden grottoes are often designed to look like an enormous rock, a rustic porch or a rocky overhang. Inside, they're decorated as a temple or with fountains stalactites and imitation gems and shells (sometimes made in ceramic); herms and mermaids, mythological subjects suited to the space; and naiads, or river gods whose urns spilled water into pools. Damp grottoes were cool places to retreat from the Italian sun..." Alot of that fits Emma's 'grotto'.

Emma still has some flowers, or, at least, flowering weeds growing. They matched Taylor's outfit perfectly!

Like yesterday's Kayla Rae, Taylor Angelique is 9" tall.

And also like Kayla Rae, she has the bendy wired body.

She has the original 'nub' feet. Later dolls had plastic feet.

Her head can be tilted up and down,but she can't turn it side to side.
 Poor Taylor. I found her second hand and she was so unplayed with that her arm is still sewn to her side and her unicorn. It made posing her a little difficult.

This is about as far as her arm can go without unsewing it.
I've never gotten around to doing anything with her because I already had a Taylor Angelique. I just can't bear to leave Only Hearts girls behind when I see them because I just love them. (Plus I usually steal their clothes for my other girls.)

She has great crimped hair.

And the beautiful inset eyes and face sculpt Only Hearts dolls are known for.

Tomorrow we'll look at another member of the Only Hearts Club family.

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