Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #277: Moxie Girlz Merin as Snow White

  I have been trying to keep up with my yard. So that I'm prepared for when the leaf sucker truck comes by,I have been raking leaves a little at a time, and daily clearing the yard of the walnuts and the little switchy twigs that fall off the walnut trees. (It's also easier on my bad shoulder to do it a bit at a time, rather than one marathon raking session.) I filled several cans with leaves and stuff, but I didn't dare fill my trash cans, in case the yard waste guys didn't take them last week...and of course they didn't! 

Who knows how long I could be stuck with this? This is exactly why I didn't fill the other cans. I need some empty ones for trash!
I had to leave the rest of the leaves and stuff down by the curb,and if the guys don't come any more this year I'm going to have to dump my cans out by the curb too.

It may not look like it, but there's a corner just to the right of the bottom corner of the picture.
 If you have been reading the last few years you might know I have a bitter feud going with the leaf sucker truck. Half the time I rake all my leaves into the tree line like I am supposed to, and then they never come by to get them. Then the leaves lay there all winter and kill all the grass in the tree line and make the ground so lumpy I get a hernia trying to mow it. I have avoided that this year by sweeping them all against the curb at the side, rather than down to the tree line. If I get an early warning, I'll go and rake them down front. If not,hopefully they are close enough to the corner that they will still take them.
  I have gotten a pretty good crop of walnuts this year, and they are a decent size. They smell so good too. I have been drying them out in Jerome's (our bunny) old cage.

I've added several buckets worth since I took this picture on Saturday. I shuffle them around every day so they get evenly dried,and I have taken out some dried ones already.

They get plenty of air and sun, but the squirrels can't steal them. They're black walnuts,which you can't buy in the stores. They're much better than the English walnuts they sell. My mom used to go walnut and hickory nut hunting every year,and she made several things with both kinds of nuts. I like to put them in salads too.
  Other than yard work,there's also today's doll. She's this girl.

She's obviously a Moxie Girl...

... and obviously Snow White.

She's from the Moxie Girlz ine of Fairy Tale characters from 2010.

I was lucky to find her with her clothes...

... and hair band...

... and even more lucky to find a Moxie Girl with shoes. 

Like Bratz,(Who are made by the same company,MGA.),the shoes are the feet,so if the shoes are missing, so are the feet. I hate that! What a stupid design!

The dolls are pretty though.

I have quite a few Moxie Girlz. You may have seen some of them HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE,and HERE. I guess the reason I have used so many for posts is because there are alot of them here. When in doubt,(or pressed for time!),grab a Moxie Girlz doll! Sorry about that. I'll try not to use them again!

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll.

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