Sunday, October 22, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #295: Olivia Hope and the Original Taylor Angelique

  This past week we've been looking at the Only Hearts Club dolls. I figured I'd finish the week out with the last two original girls. So today we're looking at these.

They're Taylor Angelique and Olivia Hope.

The Only Hearts Club dolls were sculpted by Joanne Callander. Joanne has a page where you can see her beautiful and ethereal resin ball jointed dolls,and even buy one. Some of them resemble the Only Hearts girls quite a lot. You can go to Joanne's page HERE.
We saw Princess Taylor Angelique the other day,but this blonde is the first Taylor Angelique. The brown haired girl is Olivia Hope. The little red haired girl is Melody, who we saw yesterday.

Taylor is wearing Briana Joy's original shirt.

She has dimples and loosely crimped hair.
Olivia Hope is wearing Karina Grace's shirt.

Olivia Hope has a different face sculpt from Taylor Angelique and more tightly crimped hair.

Even the horse is from Only Hearts. He has the same wire armature as the dolls, so his legs,and even his neck, can be posed.

I have a couple of the horse riding outfits, but this guy doesn't have a saddle anyway.

 I have to apologize for the blurriness of these pictures, but I was losing the light fast. it got a bit dark for not using flash.

There is one more Only Hearts doll I want to show you. Check back tomorrow to see what doll that is.


  1. Thank You! I am learning so much about contemporary dolls from your blog. These are adorable little dolls.

    1. Well thanks! I was hoping nobody was getting bored!


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