Sunday, October 29, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #302: Halloween Raggedy Ann

  Today's doll is celebrating Halloween a couple of days early.

This doll is obviously meant to be a rustic Raggedy Ann.

I found her at a yard sale a few years ago, and she just called my name.She looks forlorn, and that always appealed to me. (You may have read how much I loved my Susie Slicker and Little Miss No Name dolls. If not, you can follow the links.) Add to that the fact that Raggedy Ann and Andy were always some of my favourite dolls. I had them on my want list for years as a kid. I finally got them when I was little, but I'm not averse to others along the way!

I figured the last of our Rose of Sharons would be gone after how cold it was yesterday. But they survived. It was not as cold today,so maybe they'll last a while longer. We even still have buds.

One on the way out,(I this is the flower that posed with the Bradley doll last Friday.),and one about to bloom.

Same ones from a different angle. They're pretty hardy.This plant is a baby and only started growing this spring. It's the last one still blooming.

This girl has no hair on the back of her head,only along the top ridge.

She's a little taller than a standard raggedy Ann, but she has the same floppy arms and legs,triangle  nose,and red hair.

Her arms and legs are extra long and skinny.

Her dress has pumpkins,black birds, and sunflowers on it.

  Tomorrow we'll see another doll with a Halloween feel to it. See you then.

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