Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #296: Prince Trevor

  I spent part of the day yesterday helping the Neighbours from Hell trim a tree...of mine. They've been strangely friendly of late, but I'm trying to go with it,while still being wary. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, as the saying goes. As friendly as they have been,they still insist on controlling even the air space over their property,and they asked me the other day if it was ok if they trimmed back our mulberry tree,as it was, in their words about 3 feet, and in reality about 12 feet, from their house. I said yes,as we were going to trim it but had no method of cutting anything that tall. So yesterday they hauled out two different ladders and a tiny chainsaw on a telelscoping pole (Never seen anything like it.),and trimmed back the branches that were bothering them, and a couple that were bothering me, plus a bunch of dead branches. True to form though, give them an inch and they take a mile. They trimmed back way more than the foot my side of the fence I said they could,even with me saying, "Don't go any farther." and "That's ok.". In any case, it got done, and no matter how much they cut, it will grow back. I figured it wasn't worth the trouble since it will grow back, so I let it go.
   I nearly forgot what doll I had planned for today! I don't know how I could, when I have been doing the Only Hearts Club dolls for the past week. I'm going to claim 'getting old' again. I use that a lot these days. So anyway,it's this little fellow here.

He's Prince Trevor from the Li'l Kids Fairy and Unicorn series.

Trevor was the only male character ever produced for the Only Hearts line.

This is the back of Trevor's box.
There were other dolls in this line,all the Li'l sister dolls as fairy princesses with wings,also on unicorns.

Trevor has the same inset eyes as all the Only hearts dolls, and dimples.

I think he's trying to use his Jedi powers here.
 Ivy has the original Trevor,released as part of the Li'l Kids line of Only Hearts dolls. She can't find him,but that Trevor came in a blue denim outfit,made as part of his body and not removable, as with all the Li'l Kids dolls.

Apparently Prince Trevor has the blue denim clothes on under his removable prince costume.

You can see his blue clothes under his Prince costume.

 Those aren't even pants. They're just leggings.

Like all the Li'l Kids, Trevor's shoes don't come off either.

His orange unicorn has a sparkly mane.

I'm assuming the unicorn has the same wore armature as the other Only Hearts dolls and horses.

I think there was only one other Trevor produced,part of the Horse and Pony Club line,dressed as a cowboy.

I've had this guy sitting on my cupboard on the landing for quite a while now,but I've never opened him. That cupboard seems to be home to a lot of my unopened dolls.
  Ok.We're done with the Only Hearts Club dolls now. Tomorrow we'll see else. See you then.

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