Thursday, October 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #292: Anna Sophia and Briana Joy

  Today we're continuing our theme of the Only Hearts Club dolls.

This is Anna Sophia and Briana Joy.

They aren't wearing their own clothes. They borrowed some of the other girls' clothes because these have such nice fall colours.

In fact, these clothes are much more fall coloured than the leaves around here. They're all either brown or green.

Anna Sophia and Briana Joy have different face sculpts.

But both have great faces and wonderful eyes.

Briana even has dimples.

You may have noticed that that Anna Sophia has a belly button.

They all do. How did they do that on a cloth body? It's not stitched in.

I love Briana Joy's hair.

The clothes for these dolls were well made. The pockets are even real pockets.

And they have those great realistic shoes.
These shoes even have fake dirt on them.

Briana Joy has a problem that's apparently prevalent amongst Only Hearts Club dolls. Her hands have faded to a strange greenish colour.

I think Anna Sophia may be my least favourite Only Hearts girl,(and I still like her.)

They are both very photogenic.

Tomorrow we'll see my favourite Only Hearts doll. 

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