Saturday, October 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #299: Bradley Doll

Well once again my internet was out,so right when my pictures were loaded and ready to add to the text,I couldn't do it! So I'm more behind. Add to that it got so wet and cold Lori decided not to wear her renaissance dress,so I'm not wearing mine. It's just as well,because despite Ivy's efforts to finish while I took a shower, so I could get some sleep before getting up early,my dress wasn't finished anyway! So, while I wait for Lori to pick me up because our car,(The one with the brand new radiator...) is over heating, here's what I did last night.

  I'm still a day behind, but I'm working on it.The reason I'm still a day behind, is because I am also still working on my dress for the Renaissance fair. I didn't even go out to collect walnuts yesterday. The tree is almost empty anyway. I did pop out today to take some pictures, especially since I wasn't sure I was even going to need the dress tomorrow. It's supposed to be really cold tomorrow, and I don't think the dress is going to keep me warm enough. If I had thought about it in time, I would have made a cloak. Anyway, I'm taking a quick break to get this post up before I get even farther behind. This is today's doll.

Look how bright and sunny the day started out yesterday.(Friday.)
She's a Bradley doll.

As you can see behind her, we still have a couple of wilting flowers on the Rose of Sharon bush.
Bradley dolls are known for their big eyes,and nylon covered,posable wired limbs.

Look at her twisted little fingers.

Bradley dolls were dolls made in Japan and Korea, and imported by the Bradley Import Company.

This particular lady was made in Korea.

She's 10" tall.

Bradley was founded in 1954, and imported the dolls for 30 years, before being acquired by Hasbro in 1984.

Hasbro continued to sell the dolls for years afterward,only with a Hasbro tag.

This doll is attached permanently to her stand.

Not all Bradley dolls are attached to stands. Some have feet,there are various size dolls, and some are even in sitting positions. The hair style on this doll is pretty common,as is the face.

I have a Bradley or at least Bradley style doll with thread hair, which I got at a hospital gift shop when I was 4. She's a little worse for wear. She's certainly not as nice as this girl. But I wouldn't trade her.

See you tomorrow...I hope!(Make that later today!)

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