Thursday, October 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #298:Groovy Girls

  Yesterday we took my friend Lori and her dad out for lunch to celebrate Lori's birthday a couple of days before. For her birthday I bought Lori a replacement for a toy she had as a kid. It's called Astrolite,and  was made by Hasbro,the makers of Light Brite. It's a lot more cool than Light Brite though. There's a light box, and building pieces made of clear plastic. The box says to 'build futuristic cities' on the light box,from the pieces,and then spin the colour wheel inside the light box to flood the city with colour.

Pretty neat. I'm going to have to have Lori let me play with it sometime!
  Our internet was out last night,preventing me from doing a post. So I'm a day behind now. That leaves me two posts to do today, plus finish the dress I'm trying to put together for the renaissance fair on Saturday! To save time I'm going to cover one post with some dolls I happen to already have photos of. They are a bright, colourful bunch,with cute faces.


They're the Groovy Girls.

Groovy Girls are 13" soft dolls made by Manhattan Toys. They were first produced in 1998. Ivy says they still dress like it's 1998!

She has a point. Groovy Girls are still being made, and their style,which was originally supposed to be 'funky' hasn't changed much since they first came out. Their faces are sweet and innocent, but I can't say much for most of their clothing!

Ok. She  is missing her outfit's bottom half,but fishnets?! Really?!

Loads of accessories and furniture have been produced for The Groovy Girls.

Fringes are 'funky',right? This vanity with mirror has an attached chair...with a seat belt to keep the doll in the chair. This girl must really not have wanted to put on her make up!

They must be going to camp. they put their name on their sleeping bag. "But Mom! It's too big." "Hush Melinda! Nobody's stealing this bag!"

There are houses,and furniture.

This is one of The Groovy Girls houses. There was also a soft fold up house, and there's even a large wooden groovy Girls house called the 'Hip Happenin' House.

This house is reversable and comes with a string of pom poms to decorate it with. More funkiness.

It also has hanging lamps...

...Velcro spots on the walls to hang the mirror in different places...

...or stick the other hanging lamp up. Or is it a clock?
There's a chair and a fringy table. More fringes equal more funkiness. This house comes with a bed.

They even have pets, including a horse.

And here's another bed that was available separately. One thing you can say about the dolls, there is quite a variety in their appearance,in spite of using essentially the same face most of the time.

There have been Groovy girls boy dolls too. Groovy Girls has partnered with the Girl Scouts to produce Groovy Girls Girl Scout dolls called Troop Groovy Girls. Burger King offered mini plush versions,(They make great dolls for your Groovy Girls dolls.),as well as plastic versions of the Groovy girls. There were Groovy Girls with wired posable bodies.The Groovy Girls have won Girl Toy of the Year twice at Toy Fair. Is there no end to this madness?! Actually, I think they are toning down the wild,inappropriate outfits a bit these days, and I do think they're cute.

I do like this one. Look at that crooked smile!By the way, that twisted metal thing with the zebra striped thing on the bottom is  hanging chair. In front of that is another hanging lamp with fringes.Funky!

Check back in for today's actual post,if I can find time and work on that dress!

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