Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #2: Twiggy

    Recently the New Year's Honour's List was announced. That's the list of people being honoured by the Queen of England. Those people will be given MBEs,CBEs, etc,and made knights and dames.  Today we're looking at one of those people, Dame Lesley Lawson. In other words, Twiggy!

Twiggy was part of the Barbie and friends group,but also based on a real person.

The doll was produced in 1967.

Born Lesley Hornby,she became 'Twiggy' when she embarked on a modeling career. She is married to actor Leigh Lawson,thus she is Dame Lesley Lawson.

Twiggy with her husband,actor Leigh Lawson, in 2017.

The name 'Twiggy' was based on her wispy,twig thin figure. 

Twiggy was the first model to have the boyishly thin figure, and started a trend which continues to this day.unfortunately.

Twiggy's thinness was natural,but models today try to maintain such thinness by often unhealthy means. Recently Mattel helped fight the stereotype of 'thin-and only thin- is beautiful', by producing Barbie dolls of various sizes,after decades of complaints that Barbie taught little girls to worship an unnatural body type. The line features 'petite' (short),curvy,and tall bodies, and even combinations of more than one of those together.

Twiggy was also known for her super short haircut,her heavy eye makeup, and thick false eyelashes.


The doll has these too.

In fact, since the doll was made from the head sculpt of Francie's friend Casey, and since Casey also has fairly short hair,(usually. Some Casey dolls have slightly longer hair. ),the heavy eye make up is the best way to tell Casey and Twiggy apart.

Casey and Twiggy both had the same body as Francie, and could share her clothes.

The Twiggy doll came in the yellow,blue, and green striped dress and yellow boots.

There were also four fashions sold especially for her.

Twiggy is 69 years old now and still beautiful.

You can watch a video of her talking about her impending Damehood HERE.

You can visit her official website HERE.

  That's it for our second day of the latest Doll-A-Day year. See you tomorrow for number three.


  1. I positively LOVE Twiggy!!! Thanks for the info; I didn't know she'd be getting that the correct term??? Lovely news, though.

    1. Getting a Damehood? I don't know either!

  2. I remember Twiggy. She was definitely an icon of the 1960s and 1970s. I am happy that she is being honored. I will have to do a Google search to see who else is on the list. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Twiggy was, and still is, a very beautiful woman, I'd have loved to have a figure like hers! What am I saying? I would love to have a figure like she has now! But alas, that shape does not come naturally to me.
    I do like the Barbie Twiggy too, I never knew she even existed, but then I don't know Francie either really, although I've seen her name a few times.

    1. I think she became even prettier in the 70's when she grew her hair long. I would never have wanted to be as thin as she was in the 60's though,not that I could have been!


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