Monday, January 7, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #7: Twist N Turn Skipper in Glad Plaids

  Today's doll is this girl.

She's a vintage Twist and Turn Skipper.

Some of you may remember way back in the first year of Doll-A-Day when I did Skipper Saturday,posting a different Skipper every week. If not,or if you want to revisit those posts,you can click on the 'Skipper Saturday' in the sidebar.

This Skipper has a somewhat usual, although not unheard of, shade of blonde hair.

  Barbie's little sister Skipper was introduced in 1964,as a straight leg doll. She was later produced as a bend leg doll,and after that as a bend leg doll with a twist and turn waist. The twist and turn bend leg Skipper was first produced in 1968.

She's wearing a Skipper fashion called Glad Plaids,from 1967.

Glad Plaids included a pink knit blouse,plaid coat and skirt with matching hat and purse,plastic belt,white ankle boots, and lace tights.

Twist and Turn Skipper also has rooted eyelashes.

The Mod Era dolls are my favourite Skippers.

  Tomorrow we'll see another doll.


  1. A very nice doll and outfit to have in a Barbie collection. I find the side seam on the coat sleeves interesting. Are the eyelashes on her right eye intact?

  2. Yes, they could have lined the checks up better. Her lashes are fine, but they don't show up very well.

  3. She's a lovely doll and I really like the outfit too, it suits her perfectly.
    I'm off to see your other Skipper posts now :)

    1. I hope you enjoy the other Skipper posts. There are plenty. It should keep you busy for a while!

  4. I didn't have a Skipper as she came out when I was age (well, I'm not telling - laugh). This Skipper is quite the fashion plate. I thought Skipper was a little girl. Did Mattel make a more grown up version?

    1. Mattel aged Skipper gradually, although this version is only slightly different from the original. (Same face and body.) She got taller over the years and appeared a little older until she was almost the same size as Barbie. That lasted a few years until they de-aged her back into the teenager she is now. That's still older than she started out.

  5. I love your vintage doll! The was back when even the clothes on Barbie and even off brand dolls had great detail! I don't have a vintage Skipper in my collection. I might have to change that!


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