Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #8: Paradise Kids doll

    Today's doll is this girl.

She was made by Paradise Kids in 2011.

Paradise is best known for it's horse toys.

I think she is Avery,but I could be wrong.

I thought at first that these were her original clothes, but I began to doubt it. Anybody?

She's about 12" tall.

Her arms move up and down only.

Her legs move back and forth and outward,so I assume she was made to be able to ride a horse. 

Her knees bend too.

She's cute, but her arms are a bit skinny and don't pose very well. 

Maybe they look good posed holding horse reins,and not much else.

She has a sweet,innocent face. She has no excessive make-up or unrealistically large eyes or lips.

That's it for today's doll.See you again tomorrow.


  1. I was trying to Google these dolls to see one on a horse, but found none. But I think that I managed to find out that yours indeed has her own clothes. Try to Google "Paradise Kids" "Camping Set"

    1. Thanks. I googled like crazy and I couldn't find her.

  2. I don't know this little miss. She makes me think of the term "easy breezy." She seems to be quite cheerful. She has a very pleasant face.

  3. I think she's a cute little girl and like her face, it really has a simple prettiness about it. I like her outfit too.
    The chair she's sitting on is nice, makes the perfect photographic back drop for her.

    1. I've been waiting to use that seat. I think it was a picture frame. Too good to waste on that though!

  4. Very nice! I was surpised when you said she was 12". In the photos she looked shorter. Maybe your props make her look smaller in proportion. You said that her arms were too big...did you mean long the the ones on BFc mini dolls? BFC mini doll's arms hang far below the hip like they are dragging.

    1. Sorry. That was supposed to be 'a bit' skinny. I'll have to fix that now.

    2. Fixed it.How is it that I can proof read something a dozen times and still miss things?

  5. I just found this cutie at the local thrift store. Mine has a skinny braid on one side of her face. But Exact outfit.


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