Friday, January 4, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #4: Newborn Thumbelina

  Today's doll is Newborn Thumbelina.

She's 9" tall. This is her original outfit. She also had a beaded baby bracelet like newborns used to get in the hospital. The outfits were pretty much the same on all the dolls, except the tights also came in chartreuse,yellow,and pink,and hot pink,and I have seen a few with white ribbons on their shirts, instead of yellow. 

She was made by Ideal in 1968.

She has rooted hair,a stuffed cloth body,and vinyl head and limbs.


She's a pull string doll, but she doesn't talk. (You can see her pullstring loop on her back.)

Instead her pullstring operates a movement mechanism that makes her 'squirm',supposedly like a baby. Really all she does is move her head. Hopefully you can see this is the videos below.

  Newborn Thumbelina came as a Caucasian blonde and redhead, and also as an African American. The African American used the same head sculpt. You can see the African American version in my post on my childhood Newborn Thumbelina. If not, you can see that post HERE.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I've never heard of these dolls, maybe they were available only in the US. I think both the doll and her clothing look in good condition, bearing in mind how long you've had her. Whenever I see your posts about dolls from the 60s I wonder if my Teeny Tiny Tears is still in my mum's loft!!!

    1. I can't claim to have taken care of this one. I found her somewhere. She may have come in some auction stuff. Mine isn't quite as new looking! I've actually passed this girl along now, to someone who was looking to replace her childhood doll.

  2. Hello. I remember a Thumbelina but the one I remember could do cart wheels or something like that. I am probably mixing up my dolls.
    Sharon, I had a Tiny Tears and a Betsy Wetsy.

    1. You could be mixing Thumbelina up with a few different dolls. I can think of Tumbling Tomboy and Tippy Tumbles, which both did flips,and there was a doll called Wake Up Thumbelina who rolled over. She had an outfit with a white top and yellow bottom half. Sound familiar?


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