Saturday, November 16, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #319: Betty Spaghetty

  Today's doll is this girl.

She's Betty Spaghetty. (Yes, that's spelled correctly.) Or, as Emma used to call her when she was little, 'Betty Maghetty'.

 Well, this is the McDonald's version of Betty Spaghetty.

 She looks similar, but is a lot more simple. I'm not talking about her intellect. She is more simply made than the real Betty. The actual Betty Spaghetty dolls had bendy arms and legs, changeable hands and feet,and hair that was sort of...posable?

This girl has bendy arms and legs and removable legs,but her hair is string and doesn't hold a 'pose'.

Betty was originally made by Ohio Art,and first marketed in 1998. This McDonlad's Betty is from 2003.

That's the doll for today. Tomorrow we'll see a doll who is a lot more vintage.


  1. These were fun! My sister and I had a set of the McDonald's dolls, and they were perfect playthings for a rainy afternoon.

  2. I don't recall the McDonalds ones but I do remember seeing something like this at Toys R Us and yes they had posable hair and bendy limbs. I didn't really see the attraction in them to be honest, but they were nice and colourful.

  3. She makes me think of Mr. Potato Head without the potato. I don't know why.


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