Sunday, November 17, 2019

Doll-a-Day 2019 #321: Indonesian Puppet Doll

  Today's Ivy doll is this one.

It's an  Indonesian Puppet.

There are a couple of types of traditional Indonesian puppetry. The puppets that are flat,and operated with rods behind screens, to cast shadows, are called Wayang or Wajang. The other type, which this one represents, is called Wayang Golek, Wayang Golek puppets are what are called rod puppets.This one is obviously just meant to be displayed as a doll,because if it were a true Wayang Golek puppet, it would have rods on it's hands so the  arms could be moved.

This doll is about 10 inches tall.

The puppet is made of wood, and has a detailed costume.


  Ivy became interested in Bali when she was tiny, through the Danny Kaye movie "Wonder Man". (The only six year old in 2005 whose favourite movie was made in 1941.) In the movie Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen do a song and dance number centering around Bali,which these days would probably be considered to be offensive. It's pretty innocent though. You can watch part of the number HERE.

  Ivy loved it so much that one year for Halloween she even had me make her the costume Vera-Ellen wore. She still keeps the headpiece displayed in her room.

Hey,I did my best. And remember,it's been sitting for over 10 years. There are actually sequins on there.
That's the doll for today. See you again tomorrow for another one.


  1. What a very pretty doll/puppet.

    I learned something new. I did not know that Danny and Vera were in that movie. I only remember them from White Christmas.

    1. It's not a really well known one. I think it's Danny Kaye's first starring role. It's my favourite Danny Kaye movie. Ivy was a big Vera-Ellen fan and went as Vera for Halloween three years in a row! Two of the costumes were from "Wonder Man".

  2. Wow, that one is unique! She reminds me a little of the kachinas my mother had when I was little. Different cultures, yeah, but the paint jobs are similar. Very neat!

  3. She is a very unusual puppet. My son and daughter in law are on their way home from their holiday in Bali as I type. They said it was wonderful and they didn't want to leave!!
    I'm off to listen to the video now :)


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