Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 167: Straight Leg Skooter

  Today's doll is a blonde straight leg Skooter.

She's wearing Skipper's Can You Play, from 1966, which is a nice, summery outfit.
  It was a hot sunny day today, and we took a bit of a road trip. I had to pick up my auction win from the absentee bids I left last time. (It was a box full of miniature platters, dishes, and serving bowls.), which was about 90 minutes away in Newark. We decided to make a fun day of it since it's a long way to go for just that, and we haven't done anything fun yet this summer, with Ivy having summer Gym and Health for about 3 weeks. Ken noticed on the map that the Longaberger Baskets headquarters is in Newark too. We thought that might be worth seeing, on the way to a nice state park where Ken could cook out and we could enjoy nature. Ivy has a thing for giant things and places made to look like other things.We didn't realize that it's just a little way past the auction house until we were suddenly upon it. It's really cool, and kind of weird to see this giant basket there by the highway.

It's an office building!
They did a great job making the building look like a basket. The dark parts of the pattern are windows.

  From there we eventually went through Dresden, where the World's Largest Basket, (and not much else), is located.

We were all very disappointed with this thing. It doesn't look that big. In fact, we drove past it about 3 times before we even noticed it!(You might wonder how that could happen, and so did we!) Ivy proclaimed it "lame as crap".

Skooter was marginally more impressed.

She said it seemed pretty big to her...

It isn't nearly as impressive as the giant basket of apples at the Longaberger Homestead in Frazeysburg, just a few miles before Dresden.

Ivy with the not lame basket of apples.
I loved the giant basket of apples. It's also made of wood. There weren't any statistics for it though. It was also more impressive than the supposed Longaberger homestead itself...
Not the Longaberger Homestead.

...which turns out to be a replica! I was hoping it was decorated in the original old stuff too.
  After leaving Dresden we headed to find a grocery store, where Ken could find some cook-out fodder. I don't know where the people of that area buy their groceries, because we went a loooong way before we found anything even resembling a grocery store. Definitely not an area Ken would ever want to settle in.

After sorting out some food stuffs, and drinks too, because we were all dry as bones, we got directions from a lady at the store to a nearby park where Ken could cook out. (Ivy and I don't care for grilled food.,which isn't a problem since there isn't a good way to 'grill' vegetarian 'meat' anyway.)
Skooter checks out the lake.
The park is called Lake Park, and it had a very scenic spot with a grill and a picnic table.

Can You Play consists of the dress,scarf,bloomers that match the scarf, red flats, and a red and white striped jump rope.

Ivy wanted to walk down to what she referred to as "The Peninsula", so Skooter and I went along.

It got very overcast while we were there. On the way home it rained like crazy.

That's all for today. I'm tired,sunburned, and, once again, thirsty. See you tomorrow, after I've had something to drink!


  1. Great trip pics! She is so cute, I just saw one at the flea market but the booth owner wouldn't go under $50 for her. I fell in love with her and then I hit ebay and I just don't love those. Oh well! Thank you for sharing!

  2. $50?! Shew! Terrible when you see something you just love that the seller doesn't know the value of and has priced way out of your range. Skooters have been fairly cheap for me in the last couple of years. Maybe it's where you live.Maybe it's what she was wearing. I love to be able to see and handle a doll before buying. Try hitting a few doll shows. Maybe you can 'bond' with another Skooter!


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