Monday, July 21, 2014

Doll-A-Day 185: LittleMissMatched Sporty Girl

  I was just too pooped when we got home late last night to post anything. Emma helped my sister set up her Etsy account, where she is currently selling her handmade 'footless sandals'. It's an interesting idea for wearing on the beach, or whenever you go barefoot, which for me is never. Of course, I have a foot phobia. Most people don't mind letting their feet show, but I find them disgusting. Mine and everyone else's. Just feet in general. Bleh!
  Today's doll is a LittleMissMatched doll I found at Salvation Army for only $2.99.

She originally had a ponytail. When I got her I had to super condition her hair. It's still kind of crispy on the ends.
She's Sporty Girl, which is probably the last doll one would expect to find around our house. Artsy Girl, yes.Rock and Roll Girl maybe. And of course I have Uptown Girl because, as a red head, she is my favourite. But we are not a sporty family.
Although I did do a lot of tree climbing as a kid. Does that count?

A while back Uptown Girl was the doll of the day. (Doll-A-Day 98, 8 April, 2014.) She was bought new, so she had all her original stuff. Sporty Girl is wearing her original hoodie and shirt, but she is supposed to have a skirt too.

When I got her she was wearing these capris from a LittleMissMatched fashion pack.

 I added the shoes from another LittleMissMatched fashion pack I bought when I got Uptown Girl.

The LittleMissMatched dolls are made by Tonner Toys. They were actually available at Toys R Us though, as well as the Tonner website. They were also sold on the Shopping Channel.

They have 10 points of articulation.

They have the same body as Tonner's Maudlynn Macabre, (Doll-A-Day 38, 7 February, 2014.),  and can share clothes and shoes with her. Maudlynn seems to be made of a slightly higher quality vinyl though.

According to the Tonner site they are about 15 and 1/4" tall.

There were four dolls in the series.

I really love their cute silly faces and they are really fun to pose.

When she came home with me she had a nasty purple 'bruise' on her left cheek. Most of it came off with a baking soda scrub. She looks fine now.

That's it for today. Join us again tomorrow for another doll.

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