Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 175: Getting Fancy Kimberly

  Today our doll is from the Kimberly series of dolls. She's Getting Fancy Kimberly,from 1984.

Kimberly was made by Tomy.

 She came in an open mouth smile and a closed mouth smile.

Getting Fancy is the open mouth smile version.

She is strung, which allows for a little more than the standard poseability.

There were several fashions for Kimberly available, including a cheerleader, and a roller skating outfit, both of which also came on boxed dolls.

The tulle skirt is a separate piece that comes off so you can change her outfit a little. I guess you can also use it as a cape. Without it the dress looks like a nightgown. Just saying...

This girl still has her little pink shoes.

Kimberly is such a pretty doll. The hair is very thick and lustrous. (George Costanza would love it.)

 Kimberly is about 17" tall. She came in a blonde, and an African American version.

I don't know if it's the same sculptor, but closed mouth Kimberly greatly resembles Hasbro's My Beautiful Doll.

Kimberly is another doll I got at Salvation Army last week. She's going to help pay for a new radiator, since I can hardly even drive Ken to work without overheating now, and it's only about 5 minutes away.
   See you tomorrow!


  1. She's such a beauty! :) You make wonderful finds at Salvation's Army, I wished so much they would do this here, too!

    I could not sell a doll again (besides from those I got in bundles and do not love, some normal Barbies or Kellies or so, you know what I mean), you are much more a grown-up than me, I would love I was as you. :)
    I press my thumbs you will have your new radiator very very soon! Sorrows press our soul down.
    Best wishes!

    1. You forget thios post is from 2014. Our radiator was taken care of, but as of today, in January of 2016, we are having problems with the van again! It never ends!


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