Monday, July 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 172: Sweet Cookie

    First of all, welcome to our new follower, discodiva1979! Thanks for joining us!
   Today's doll is another I got at Salvation Army last week. She's Sweet Cookie by Hasbro.
She has a cute face, even if she does look a bit shocked in this picture.

Sweet Cookie was made in 1972.

Her hair needs combing, but other wise she's in pretty nice shape for a lady of 42 years old. Love her freckles.
She came with loads of cooking equipment and a box of Jello pudding... but not that kid's hand...
Hey! Who is this kid?! Looks like they totally changed Cookie's head. What was wrong with this girl?This ad must have come out before the doll. Her original box pictures the actual Sweet Cookie as she was produced.
Apparently her mixer plugged into the 'kitchen counter', which was powered by batteries.

She has jointed elbows and her right hand is made to hold the doll sized mixer that she came with.

Her arms can spread out to the sides too.

 She's about 18" tall.

I had a Sweet Cookie already, but she's naked. This girl has her original dress, shoes, and apron, but not her socks. 

That's the doll for today. Tomorrow we'll see more of my Salvation Army finds.

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